Wayfarer level 49.... shouldnt I be alot higher than 387 plots?


Wayfarer level 49… shouldnt I be alot higher than 387 plots?

Only gained 12 plots from leveling from 48 to 49


Sounds about right. If I’m not mistaken you get 350 at 50 without the 25% from wayfarer. You have 310 now without the bonus (387/1.25) so you should get 40 plots going from 49 to 50 if my math is right.


If you started playing after the level rework (release 180), you should be at 320 plots with lv 50 or 400 as wayfarer.


Ah! Thanks for the correction Kirinvar :slight_smile:


I wonder if they will be more generous on 1.0 since there will be sooo many more worlds?


i hope so… at least post level 50…
but then again I hear they’re introducing a new way to earn plots so =\


Oh? what is that?


“The Exchange”… plus a bunch of other stuff. it may change a bit still.