Wayfarer's Totem

Is the Wayfarer’s Totem made by early access people only?

Those that backed with the Wayfarer and higher backing tiers, yes.

What does the wayfarer totem do?

it behaves as a titanium hammer, axe, and shovel all in one, but it does not benefit from any mastery skills.

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It makes you wish you’d put your money into the Deluxe edition for the Gold Fist instead. :wink:


tbf the wayfarers totem is my favourite tool in the game, just due to the sporkness of it

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but fr, what does it actually do hahaha

is it just a fancier version of the basic totem?

Like all the 3 titanium tools in 1 tool

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It’s a very versatile tool. It doesn’t get affected from skills, but it’s still pretty good

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There’s the Wish It Was A Wayfarer’s Fist bit!

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