Ways to create level transitions

I’m looking to create a level transition. Ideally I would love elevators in the game. But the only way you can do that is with water at the moment. And I hate how one block stair cases/ramps look. Any ideas and pics would be greatly appreciated!

Not exactly what you are looking for, but this method by @Ovis is very cool for upwards travel.

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I saw this earlier and Ovis is awesome with his builds. I guess I could do trap doors to go down. I just don’t want to take up so much ground with a stair case. What I’m trying to do is put an inorganic farm underground and I’m very ocd about how everything is laid out. It must be symmetrical!!! And I want it to take up as little room as possible but not look dumb. I know this is many requirements lol

I know a way.you do holes and you put trampolines for each floor.
Thats one way.
At least when going downwards.

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I’ve made several water elevator. I love them.
I like to build tall building. Ramp/stairs just taking up to much space.

First build the elevator shaft like so

Then you’d need to chisel top and the base where the water should fall like this

then place the water in the chiselled gap

After placing the water, it should look like this

Use the water to travel up, and use the one on the right to go to the lower level.

If the distance between the 2 level is too high, I’d suggest use water as stopper to break the fall.
First chisel the base block (to prevent the water to spill)
then place a glass pane or a sign like this

Then place water behind the glass pane. It should look like this

I have setup a sample of basic elevator at my place.
You can find it at these coordinates: -248N, 549E. Alt: 73
The location is very close to Lasaina PS Hub.
Let me know if you need help

You can find a fully working water elevator there as well to see how I use them.
It’d be clearer with signs on how to use them


The Ovis Jump ladder is great. I have one. You would have to jump directly up for each block in elevation, (Double jump doesn’t work) But this ladder provides an efficient use of space and allows you to travel straight up.

He also invented a kind of jumping spiral staircase with ice and ramps that was no more than 3x3.

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I use a drop shaft. Much faster than water elevators.