Ways to improve modding development

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Here’s a wishlist of changes that would enable us to do more with modding. I’ve tried to only think of changes that hopefully would not need big development from the devs, but would have big impact on modding.

  • Separate modding files. No need to edit original game files. Installing mods would be as simple as downloading a file.

  • Object/template replacement and extension. Currently, if multiple mods wish to edit same files or objects, you have to be really careful and understand what both mods are doing to be able to implement them all.

  • Global objects/value. To be able to access values used in these json-files from any object, would really open up the possibilities. E.g. I know that currently I can use the characters name, if the current object can access it, but not from anywhere else.

  • Event triggering. My understanding is that these json-objects create the structures that gets filled with the games functions/objects. Modders are thus tied to predetermined flow of the game and ui. If we could trigger an event, that requests an action from these games functions, we could possibly e.g. open a knowledge tab popup.

  • IF statements and comparison operators. Currently only way to kind of use if-statements is via visible-scope. And to be able to use if-statements we would need to be able to compare string and numbers. String manipulation (concatenate) would also be nice.

  • More access in test servers. Maybe you would be able to give more access in test environments? This could at least help creation and testing of mods.

  • Documentation. Even just rudimentary lists of accessible objects and values would be helpful.

  • Way to reactive json-files without restarting.

There are propably many wrong guesses and mistakes in the above writings. If you already have solutions for any of these things then please feel free to add them here.


when it comes to archetypes configs, just go back to sanctum and they will reload

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