WB Oxide Grey Deco gravel [Completed]

Thanks to a few users here (who’s names/usernames slip my mind. I’m so sorry ;~;. Will add later.) We were able to set up @ToxicNoodle s son up with his kindling mass farm.

Apparently, he had an oops as he thought one of the plots was claimed but it indeed was not. So he lost 48 plots of kindling. Thanks to all the amazing players here we have the kernels to replant in that section.

So looking to buy some more of the Oxide Grey deck gravel so let me know if you have some for sale, price and where to go?


How much you need?

From @Dreyma : We only need 48, but are willing to buy more if you have it.

So for some reason her account got put on temporary hold from this post from the OrtElf thing So she texted me to let you know…

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Oh so 48 units? Since it says plots I was a bit confused. Let me check if I have gravel of that color. Or if you guys have it I can process it for you

Drey the users were @Soju-VB and I believe you said @Sujimichi88 gave you some when the PO Box was set.

Yeah she plays other games so I think she was thinking like… Farming plots hahaha.

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Looking to buy 48 of them.

Ok got the gravel will compact it now and let you know when its finished


I have been approved and can respond!

How much would you like per gravel? I won’t say plots next time. xD

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I dont really need coin, but if you guys have some starberries or oat that would be great

We should have a lot of them unless they were made into syrup. Once I finish gathering I will check what we have.

Just woke up a bit ago so just seeing this post. Glad @Cuetzpalomitl got you taken care of. I have extras of the oxide grey in storage as well, so if more is needed let me know.

I saw the nice hole when I got on and can easily see why he thought the spot was plotted. Turned out the plot above it was what was shown on the map. V.V

If it is just gathering dust we would be happy to trade or buy some more off you.

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How many starberries would you like in return? Regular or one other the other two? I can go gathering for you as an exchange for the gravel.

I’ve done this so many times lol

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If you have syrup, that one will work too.

Half ss of berries should be enough I guess.

We can meet now and I’ll give you the gravel, I wont log in again until a couple hours.

It looks like all the oats we’re turned into milk or purified milk. We have 1201 Starberries and at least 3SS syrup.

Is it ok if we do it 1 on 1 with syrup?

I have 350 gravel ready. If you only need the 48 thats fine, if you want all you can have it all.

I’m down for that. I am running around in search of something atm but all the stands so far had been behind locked doors.

Let me know where we can meet then :smiley: