We broke this 1x2 portal rotation

It’s halfway stuck in the rotated state. Hard to explain. Basically I walk out of the portal and I appear to be coming out of the thin side of the other end of the portal, if that makes sense.

2200n 1236e

It fixed itself for me but stayed broken for others.


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Ye, i can approve its still broken lookin

I’d had this issue… sometimes logging off fixed one of mine and other time(s) I broke it and rebuilt it (sometimes it works). Also try just using the first rotate option and not the exit one… as of late I’ve been using that method and it all seemed to work. hope this helps… If not I can come over and give it a shot :slight_smile:

Were you using one of the rotate options?

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This happened again.

Yes, after using rotate.

It fixed itself eventually, as it did last time.