We NEED a "Bag of Bens"!

I think many of you had read the post of @ben

So there is the wish, we all have there deep in our hearts: …

Let us have a Bag of Bens! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But what should a Bag of Bens be? May be it is a bag full of little Bens, that we can open to summon them, running around our feet. Or is there a respawning paperboard figure that we can build up and which is speaking the most fabolous quotes his lord the holy Ben ever said? …

And what do we need to do to get our Bag of Bens … what should be the ingrediences for it? Will we have to find the hair of him? Do there exist footprint-blocks which we have to gather? Are there documents found in long forgotten oortian ruins?

So let it happen … pray the mighty devs and his lord the holy ben to give us the enlightening Item, we - the unworthy - need to have to withstand the perils of the Universe of Oort!

Praised be @ben! :pray:


Oh no, a worship forum, time to build myself a cathedral where people can worship me…

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Lmfao :laughing:

as a currency i’d love to have bens. ben and yen is like yin and yang to me.


what about the rest of the team, they deserve recognition too >.<

Why not just call them Wondercoins or something narccisistic like that xD


him, give him a cookie, quick.

okay :cookie:

I just picked up the Bag of Bens cuz of the post he made … of cause there can be also a Jumping James or something simillar for all the other devs (sounds like a big fun-upgrade after 1.0 … or just for 1.0 to celebrate ;D

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There could also be a “Deck of Daves”, like the Deck of many things of D&D :stuck_out_tongue: