We need button emojis and framed art emojis

Stuff like this. Easy to make.

Same for some framed art. Maybe just some boundless landscapes and animals in various wood and gilt frames :framed_picture:


Theres the control knobs

and i guess technically the button for record:


Unless we go back to my original argument which is the size of the characters and the game world is WAAAAAY off and consider making 1 sign a whole button
which means we are the size of mice.

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I understood each block is one meter. Which would make a one block sign button huuuuuuge. Either way its funny


just apply space on both sides and above/below and the “button” becomes smaller


What @boundmore said.
There’s a fair amount of scenery type emojis.

Here’s a site I use.

Go to categories and view them in section and get the codes.

@DKPuncherello I would love a block with buttons on it like that lego.


my point is you cant get much detail into a 1 meter block, We dont have functional anything so our only hope is chisels and signs.

with signs we have charcter limits so you can’t really make a bunch of controls in the same sign you have to use borderless glass sign modules.

Take the Christmas build for example, the chairs in the build were functional, but they were definitely not 1m squared.

so you are better off pretending you are a mouse and just build things really big.

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If you want framed art, go check out the art gallery @zigzagdoodad made round the back of her shop at Brown Town Small Mall :wink:

Then maybe micro blocks could be suggested again… hmmm

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