Weapon Stats

Okay, question. What kind of weapons stats would we like to see in Oort? What stats do the most enjoyable games use? A starter list for discussion:

Power - damage dealt per strike
Range - how far away strikes will land (2 blocks for swords, 100 for arrows?)
Speed - how long it takes to get an attack off
Durability - does the weapon degrade with use and require repair or replacement?
Experience - does the weapon level up with use?
Value - what is its sale value

These are the stats I see as directly affected by the materials used in crafting - what do you think?

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Well i think melee weapons should have a range equal to their model reach.

Or you want the minecraft combat sistema of spam clicking ._.

as werff said, range should be kinda self explanatory

and about experience, i actually played around with an idea like that, just not exactly, i would rather call it mastery.

this is purely speculation so take it as it is.

it should be logical that the more you use a weapon the more comfortable and the better you become at using it, so mastery.

saying that there is a mastery bar from 0 to 100, when you use your weapon, deal damage and get kills the bar will slowly increase, at 0 mastery (which all weapons would start with) all stats would be 90 - 95% of full activity, nothing much, at 50 mastery you would have 100% effectivity, and at 100/full mastery you would have 105 - 110 % effectivity. in my eyes that wouldnt be too powerful, but it would make you feel like you actually used your weapon so if its an iron sword you wont even have to think about switching to another iron sword, and when comparing weapon you would also have to take into account that you would have to level mastery again and maybe get a weaker sword at first which can be leveled to become stronger, rather than never being a downside of switching.

But on the note itself it should have

Power (how much damage per hit)
Attackspeed (how many attacks it does per second)
Dps (Attack speed * power)
Bonus stats (for example + 5 strength or whatever the modifier gives)
and preferably an item level to indicate how strong it is in general.

PS: please do take into consideration that npc’s are not currently part of the plan, so you cannot have a sell price if there are no vendors to sell to. that only works when you have NPC’s to lock down the prices of items.

Ehm people choose them self what they are going to pay for the weapon?

I imagine he thinks of wow NPC vendor value, which as i also pointed out, most likely wont be a thing in oort

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Going into value, I’d like to see oort be compatible with the steam market place. In order for that to happen, the weapons need to hold real value in the player’s eyes. Potentially they take large amounts of materials to craft. Each weapon should be something you would be willing to pay 3 cents to 30$ for, depending on it’s tier and what the actual weapon is.
The key for value is making things less about pay to win, and more about style. People will pay time and money for a weapon that looks cool, especially (only) in multiplayer games. Maybe each weapon should have it’s standard forms that everyone can craft, but as you progress you could incorporate different designs, colors, and particle affects to make them really desirable. This could be great for both oort and the players. We would get a fun economy to deal with, and the devs (and I guess valve too :frowning: ) would get a little bit of cash from transactions to keep the servers running.

Though we should start thinking about how ranged weapons should handle in terms of range. Range could be a delicate issue because of draw distance. If we’re assuming that no one likes to get picked off randomly by someone they couldn’t see, should range be only as far as short render distance (lowest common denominator) or should we put range at a healthy middle area of the render distances, or should range for long range weapons be however long someone can see (which puts higher processing power into a severe advantage)
This is an important kinda issue.
My thought is that we could make range pretty long, but add in some damage drop offs for extra long range shots, in order to make sure everyone gets a chance to survive in long range encounters.

Yeah, good points. I think the bows ought to feel a lot like Skyrim, that was way too fun; then maybe some kind of Oortian sniper crossbow for when you need to go full Sinon.

hmm, the range for ballistic weapons like bows, crossbows or slings can be very varriable if the arrow/bolt/shot don’t fly directly but in a realistic curve. I hope that some weapons have an actual flying projectile while others (like beams or firework weapons) are direct hitting in the same time as fired.

For the stats I would like to have…

Damage (and type)
Armor/Shield Piercing
(if) Activation Cost (Endurance/Energy)
(if) Range (may be Shot Speed when ballistic)

Experience should be on the character and not the weapon itself. The value should be set by players, not a system. As all weapons should be done by crafting and not by finding or buying from world owned NPC traders there is no need for a price for each item, at least not made by the game.

PS.: Just found this topic… sorry for reanimating it ^^

NO. ITS CALLED TO NECRO A POST. get your nerd words right man!!

but it is a good topic.

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“Necro” is discribing something dead. I don’t use it like the missuse of the word “mob” (a mob is a horde of people with forks and torches and not a damn single idiot creature wandering the wilds)… That’s pure intention! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but japp, I think the stats are an important thing to talk about, cuz they will have great influence on the gameplay later. If we have to less it may look to basic and flat, if we have to many it can be unoverseeable and missleading.

I just hope we have something like a stone-scissor-paper mechanic later (like Melee is good against casters, but not against rangers while rangers bad against casters). May be we have something similar (with more cathegories). For example some weapons are good against masses or slow foes while others are good spikes against single targets or some weapons have low max damage but ignore most armor.

Knowledge and skill should rule the battlefields, not just plain numbers … but a good choice of stats can give a kick in the right direction :wink:

To keep it off topic (cause why not)

Necroing refers to necromancy, hence raising the dead, as in ‘‘reviving a dead thread’’

mob is just short for monster cause gamers need a word to alert other people while making it easy, writing ‘‘MONSTERS’’ while getting attacked 3 places from is pretty hard. so you just write mob. same way with mats that refers to materials. and stats instead of ‘‘weapon statistics’’

Hmmm, but a necromancer reanimates the dead, so reanimating is also right.

And the mob used by players refers to a weak monster or creature roaming in the less dangerous zone (as weak as a farmer with his fork). Using mob to describe them as a group would be right, but most people use it to describe even single ones. So I stay with “foe” or “enemy” :wink:

… But enough off topic ^^… So what stats do we need to make the game easy to understand but versatile and strategic?

Like I’ve said before, we should definitely keep stats to a minimum. The simple ones, like speed (how fast it hits repeatedly), strength (how long it lasts, damage (for weapons), defense (if we’re talking sheilds / also maybe blocking with swords). After that there’s not much I think is necessary for the game. TBF ranged weapons will need a couple more stats like range and accuracy, but once those are through I think we’re good.

I would like to have two or more different types of damage. Something like physical, magical, divine +++ and special resistances for those. Would be cool if each weapon and skill has a different damage type so that players can specialize against different kinds of foes.

I also like the concept of armor/resistance piercing attacks. For example there could be swords with medium stats in damage and piercing, axes with high maximum damage but low piercing and Spears with low damage but high piercing. So the player can chose which targets are his most favored (especially in pvp).

Yeah That might be pretty cool!

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There could also be (optional) stats for conditions which may occur on attacks. Something like a chance to set the enemy on fire, to knock him down, to slow him, to confuse him (skills are activated slower and/or are interuptable by normal attacks) or to freeze him. Of cause, if this is to complex or powerful this conditions can also be bound to skills exclusivly :wink: