Weapon suggestions for Boundless

Right so i wanted to hear what weapons ya want in the game, they have promised
bows, spears, crossbows, swords, clubs, staffs.
when they have spear it means they arent afraid to actually move away from the norm. so what i’d like to see would be
Chakrams, Fist, Unarmed, Claw, Sickle, Scythe, spell tomes, Shield, Rifles, Pistols, war glaives, Martial arts, Katanas, Daggers, and more

also i would love to see a good wielding system with freedom, say if i want to use a 1 hand sword and nothing else i would have more speed and agility but less dmg and if i wanted to use 2 shields i would be able to walk around like a massive tank but have near 0 agility and dmg, instead of the classical ‘‘you can use 1hand + shield, dualwield, or 2 hand weapons’’

What would you like to see ingame?

More suggestions from the other players
(war hammer, blowgun, whip, bows, punching daggers, mage wands, fists (like martial arts not just punch punch punch).

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It might be an interesting idea to incorporate a weapon customization system like that of Cube World where you straight up design the weapon yourself after creation. There could be a system where you can craft additional blades for swords etc. and then attach them to the weapon yourself in a design of your choosing. That would open doors for a much wider range of weapons built by the community like two-pronged knives and swords or maybe a staff with a blade at each end or a club with spikes on etc. On top of this could be designs that could be added to weapons or insignia from guilds and such to allow people to make their weapons more personalized to them.

I thought that this could help expand the variety of weapons used in game without having to add more and more static weapon types whilst putting more player experience customization in the hands of the players themselves so that everybody can do things their way in that particular area.

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Indeed, that would be an amazingly cool system to be able to craft your own weapons like that, i am a sucker for details and customization ,so i really want to be able to pick everything from blade to handle and make the sword actually feel unique, instead of walking around with iron sword #215243

I’m exactly the same, I like having the option to create something unique to me. And things like weapons are likely to come in very handy in a game like Oort so if I’m going to be using it I’d like it to look and feel the way I’d like it to.

I would love to enhance my weapons by ‘attaching’ runes or crystals/gems. For instance an ignis/fire rune attached to a sword= fire damage
Also many unique and exclusive weapon types would be really awesome.
My weapon suggestion: A blade attached to a chain. It would be able to pull enemys towards you and maybe even used as a short-ranged grappling hook.

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I watched an anime the other day called Darker than black in which the main character uses a knife attached to a long wire that he throws to enemies and such. Having seen that I’ve been thinking that it was a cool weapon concept too! It could make for a cool combat based alternative to the grappling hook, you could be swinging through the landscape then suddenly drop out of the sky and use the knife on the end of the cable to attack someone at range without having to switch hotbar slots.


Runes and enhancements are also awesome ideas :smile:

Scythe sniper rifle :smiley:
yea? yea? no. ok.

Love shots idea to make customizable weapons
if crafting is going to be an important part of the game I think it does need to have some way of being unique.

The grappling hook knife thing sounds really cool too XD


I would love to design the look, balance,weight, size, etc of my own weapons so I can adapt them to my armour if that is a available. It is all in the small details.

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that would be amazing :3

As a player who wants to play this game (when pvp and monsters get in) and a fortress/bunker/skycastle builder i really want to see that unarmed/martial arts weapons, the two handed sword (but please not zweihander like, more claymore or longsword like ¬¬) and for unarmed i will recomente (in terms of “weapons”) caestus, with/or himates (like the brass knucles).

Well that is just my suggestion XD

But if two handed swords, and unarmed (with or without “weapons”) are on the game i will buy it and play for sure… And if i can “build” my weapons BETTER!!!

Also how will be the wars?? i mean… you can (will be able) protect your lands with the beacon, for attacking what will you be able to do?? i mean one “anti-beacon” block, explosives, power based beacons. Faction/army/guild special beacons???

In terms of wars, I think guild based wars would be a good idea. But I don’t know if anyone would be too happy to get online one day and find a big hole in their guild hall and all their loot missing. Maybe a system by which members of the two guilds can be put into an arena to fight instead?

I’d love to dual-wield sickles and then simply attach them to a weapon creating a somewhat scythe?

Like having a way to de-attach/attach weapons, not sure if people has been taking about it already but that’s one of the features I’d love to see in Oort online.

what do you mean by that?

Something that I’ve always wanted is a hook and chain. Similliar to Threshes death sentence for all you fellow league players out there. Essentially the same thing as the grappling hook but with shorter range, larger hitbox, and pulls players towards you.

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have ya seen the slayer from a game called skyforge? it looks amazing.

I read that as something similar to what I was saying earlier, adding additional blades to swords etc. You could take two swords and stick them together at the hilt to have a sort of bladestaff. Things like that.

When I saw the beginning of Lord of the Rings part one for the first time, it conjured an image in my mind. The one of dual sabers: Blade - Handle - Blade. Basically like in Star Wars Phantom Menace (which I had seen before LotR :no_mouth: ) only saber shape. Or a dual broadsword: ShOort, but BrOort.
I also have been thinking about a dual Thor hammer :))

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well i have bought the game XD


(Or i will fill any map with swords ¬¬ [ I will do that when the game gets instaled jeje])

what about claws/fist weapons?

pretty sure you can expect 2 hand swords, we have already seen 2hand hammers and axes in the concept art.