Weapon suggestions

now i know this has been discussed extensively, but i feel i need to give my 2 cents about it.

first off, i think there should be a war hammer, a two handed version that is slow but dishes out damage the most effectively out of any weapon (sort of like a maul), and a smaller one handed version (that resembles the hammer tool) that is faster but doesn’t do as much damage. i think both should have a tribal feel to them, decorated with leaves and colorful feathers, with that cool glowing design on them that the other tools have.

second, there should be a waraxe and a tomahawk, the same ideas as before (including the visuals) but they should be swung in an arc, dealing AoE damage in a small space in front of you, and do a little less damage than the hammers of respective sizes.

there should be spears (with the same decorations as the rest) that do a lot of damage, but only in a straight line, so you have to have pretty good aim, plus the swing speed should be fairly slow. you could also hold down to keep the spear impaling the target, but their attacks would do more damage and you would be vulnerable to attacks, so you can’t do anything about it while you are holding down the attack button. another mechanic is that when struck, the player/creature would have slightly reduced move and attack speed for a short amount of time.

there should also be swords (again, with the same decorations) that do average damage, but you can parry, effectively blocking enemy attacks. but you can’t just become invulnerable with the click of a button. the parry would only affect a small line, so you have to line it up with the incoming attack, sort of like taking a swing or attacking the incoming attack, if you catch my drift. you would also have to time it right, if you didn’t get that from earlier. the parry would disorient the attacker for a fraction of a second, making them vulnerable to attacks.

there should also be shields, (again, same thing with the decorations) that don’t block all damage like the parry from the sword, but rather reduce it while in blocking mode. you would also take increased damage from behind, to make it a little bit more fair. the shield shouldn’t have a huge area of affect, it shouldn’t be much bigger than your arm.

all of these can be enchanted by crystals to widen their defensive or offensive capabilities

thx for reading hope devs like my ideas

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Sounds like Skyrim.

There will only be two weapon types.
These weapon types are heavily customizeable though

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What @Predatoxic says is true, though it does not stop the hammer and axe from being used as a weapon too. I’d love to see combat augments as an upgrade to allow crystal upgrades like the lance. C’mon @gerryjacobs, we need a thunder hammer concept asap! :wink:


Lol! Sorry to say, I just make things move here - who you actually need is a @claudiotolomei !!! :smile:


Or better, we need the designers to “unleash” our full potential :stuck_out_tongue:


that seems sort of lame to me. i guess it just depends on what sort of customizations they are talking about

I just noticed I already explained to you what kind of customization they will offer but I will post it again ^^

ok thx i didn’t see it lol
how many weapons is 2x#Mx#E^5? (sorry for being so ignorant :confused:)
and how different will the customizations look

Well it depends, written out it would be 2 times the number of materials times the number of enhancements to the power of 5.

if you put in different numbers for materials and enhancements it results in different results^^
Btw I also don’t quite see where the ^5 comes from^^

As an example: if there are 5 materials and 20 enhancements then there would be 2x5x20^5 = 32’000’000 = 32 millions different weapons^^

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damn thats a lot of different weapons
thank you lol

It is indeed^^ it just seems like little variance but if you calculate it, it’s quite a lot^^

But since I don’t know where the ^5 comes from (because that could basically be factored into the number of enhancements) I have to say without the ^5 it’s “only” 200 weapons (20x5x2 = 200) The ^5 does a lot of the work there.

@james do you remember why you put a ^5 on the number of enhancements? Just to symbolize that there will be a looooot of enhancements?

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oh well 200 is still quite a bit

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oh btw do u have any idea how the enhancements are going to look? i wonder if they will look anything like what i mentioned in the initial post

That should answer your question pretty much^^

Also you can edit your posts instead of posting multiple posts. I’ll get the notification nonetheless.

oh ok thx im new to this forum so i don’t know how stuff works very well
that explains most of it you have been a big help :grinning:

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It definitely is, but don’t forget how Gearbox advertised Borderlands with 17 million different weapons…with about 20 of them actually being useful…
So don’t be too impressed by brute numbers alone.
(Not saying that the devs won’t absolutely nail weapon modding in their game :wink:)


Because you can have multiple enhancements per weapon.


wow a developer :open_mouth:
thank you for clarifying

hey is there any chance you could tell me what the enhancements to the lance are going to look like? i really really really x1000 want to have something resemble tribal spears and swords in the game. also another idea is when you join a guild you get an armband that has your guild symbol on it obviously to symbolize what guild you are in, so you can identify fellow guildmates (or rival guilds :crossed_swords:). also the symbol could appear to glow (but offer no in game light) and it wouldn’t be limited to just armbands, like maybe a small shoulder pauldron or some sort of compression sleeve like article, or maybe an eyepatch. (you would have to be careful how you execute the armband thing though as it might resemble Nazi armbands :grimacing:)


So simple xD I didn’t even consider that possibility^^ Thanks for the clarification^^