Weary teal ice?


Hey there.

This might sound dumb, but a friend of mine brought home a lot of weary teal ice a few months ago, and he doesn’t remember where he got it from.

I’m starting to wonder if it wasn’t from an exo-world, because I can’t figure out where there’s that color of ice!

Would anyone know where to find more?


I checked the color sheet, and all I could find was cool teal on imdaari. My best guess is weary teal may have come from an exo


Yeah, that was my conclusion, too.

I wish I had figured that out before I used hundreds of those in my build. I would’ve gone on a farming trip to collect a good thousand blocks of ice on Lamblis before today, then.


Hmmm…what if you dug out the weary teal in the center area, filled it full of a different color ice, then used that weary teal ice on onlyt the outside where people can see? Would that help at all?

I’m going to log on for a quick second here before I leave for work and check my exo stash to see if I have any for you. Not sure if I’m on your friend list or not to add you to my exo stash beacon. Übermensch. If I’m not on your friend’s list, and have some, I’ll meet up you tonight after I get home from work. So…in about…15 hours. 6am now, about 9pm I should be home.


No no, don’t worry. The weary ice I’ve used thus far is for a minor part of my build that few people will see.
The difference in color is not that noticeable either.
It’s a minor problem.


Shoot…that’s the one color I don’t have!!! Es tut Mir leid. I’m sorry



If that ice is from oortmas event, you can soon gather it when we can solidify water on low level planets :slight_smile:


I know the pains of wanting a specific color of ice lol. I think I have the only piece of dark Rose ice in the game atm lol.

Pretty sure it came from oortmas and have been waiting for an exo to pop with it.

I hope you have better luck in acquiring some of your color than I did mine lol.


It’s worth mentioning that you can type-change ice to glacier and backwards. I’m not sure if that helps much


This is some REALLY big piece of information, man! THANKS!
I spent a lot of time searching for glacier blocks on Till a few hours ago, and ultimately went back home empty-handed.