Weather Clearer Armor Looter Fists

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Trying to make some of these (gold fists with max loot, glow, armor plus the weather clearer quirk) and find them not too trivial to make (lots of rng and fighting with the forge).

I’m wondering how much people would pay for one of these

Thank you!

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You should try iron, those have more dura.

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used one of those that you made, was def interesting to have… tho the hard as nails buff eating dura kinda made me think it’s not worth it. def would’ve bought it if that didn’t chew through dura everytime you got hit

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ahh i see thank you. i cannot craft them but looks like plenty of people sell them

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I see I see. I sell the armor/looter fists without the quirk quite cheap but with the quirk its considerably harder to forge. I’m debating if it’s worth it to make them.

half the reason i used it was the clear weather quirk tho.
it is nice to have the armor buff, but T3-T4 hunts are really a waste of dura to use it, and T5-T6 kinda becomes ‘either you don’t die, or you die of fall damage from wildstocks’ that it’s kinda meh.
tbh i think i’ll just get a clear weather lootstick totem.

just my opinion with my hunter build tho, guess it could be useful for more fragile builds.

I love these fists I use them over a long time now and startet to forge them. I know the struggle in forge those fists but I think it’s worth it cause you run around on hunts loot instantly and have the protection. They saved my life a lot of times.
But about the quirk I don’t think you need it cause I don’t care about the weather :sweat_smile: and if it makes it more harder to forge them it isn’t worth it in my opinion

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