Weather/Day and Night Cycle on Sovereign Planets

I would like to see it where we can choose the type of weather present on sovereign worlds (honestly, the whole universe). I can’t see how this would give anyone an advantage.

I know if I could choose to turn off snow, rain, and nighttime I would in a heartbeat.


I really really really really want to be able to turn the Rain off on my world. It never stops. :frowning:


The weather effects, while cool in their implementation, only serve as visual clutter and I’d honestly like to just disable them all.

Fog, get rid of it.
Snow, stupidly annoying.
Rain, feels like monsoon season on any planet I’m on.
Elemental weather, … Just more particle noise to get in the way.

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I agree about the day/night cycle at the very least… on my creative it seems like its always dark when i’m there… i get some daytime too, but the nights seem so long. is it because its a small planet? am i just unlucky with when i choose to play?

I would love a perma night world or one with an eternal sunset. :heart_eyes:


That would be cool too! There are so many different ways to enjoy this game I would love to see more options (with the permanent planets being on the standard rule set)

but if you can set the world to perma-night then it’ll be too easy to catch all the nighttime pokemon

yeah I think being able to freeze the sky at a particular time would be awesome :smiley: and probably lets people optimize on the lighting on their builds

That made me laugh, I guess those sweet glowing mushrooms would be easier to spot too.