Weather in the worlds

I started messing about on Lemde today, and noticed it was raining pretty hard. It seems to be lightening up now, but I am now curious about how the weather works in Oort Online. Is it possible to find a world where it rains more often than not? Iโ€™d love to live there :slight_smile:


well i cant say for sure but for some reason it seems its always raining on folva ^^ but to be honest im so into building my stuff that i rarly stop admiring the views but i think it rains once per day (again not sure just a feeling)

It rains almost all the time on Nasag, except for one short period overnight. You just get used to itโ€“or you stay indoors a lot.

well xewell gets hardly any rain, so I think that the amount of rain/snow a world gets can be determined.