Weather Machine - Adjusting lighting, particles and colors on beacon

I’ve been just wondering… Would it be possible to add some weather machine to the game which would change atmospheric effects on your current beacon?

I imagine it’s just like few lines of code in configuration file to adjust it.

With weather machine you could adjust things like:

  • lighting tint
  • particle effects
  • fog color

The thing is - maybe just for me - that most planets have crazy agressive lighting that makes green slighbows appear blue etc and that makes them unhabitable.

We have an update coming that adjusts the lighting across all the planets. We’ve been working on this in the background for quite a while.

It’s a sensitive change because it will changes the look of some of the worlds and hence builds. So we’re trying to strike a balance between improving the lighting and retaining the spirit of the worlds.

The aim of the change is to retain the otherworldliness without destroying the block colours as you’ve highlighted.

This change will also come with a change to the specular + shininess of some of the blocks to stop them becoming whiter instead of shinier. This can easily be seen on some of the crafted rocks.


However - allowing players to control the weather is a different request.

I would quite like to be able to offer a forged weather bomb - but beyond getting rid of weather I wanted to find gameplay where you’d want rain and want snow, etc.


That’s a very intriguing idea. It would be nice to have a feature where certain weather effects are desirable!

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I think it would be neat to have a machine that would change a few plot range into the weather of your choice… for example making a small area where it is always snowing …but like I said only a few plot radius (whatever makes sense)… and consider this could allow some pretty interesting UNDERGROUND or enclosed builds… imagine an underground lush jungle where it is raining on a barren surface world?


Yay! Hopefully more diverse lighting colors and less Red wash! Man how amazing would it be if T3 and below all had the same lighting as T1 planets!? Winkwink**suggestivesuggestive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have you thought about a Devlog poll on this? Because I’m firmly in the “pooh to the spirit of the worlds” camp. Maybe others would rather have the better lighting back over world identity too.

Farming + rain springs to mind.

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