Weather Quirks!

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You’re not wrong about this.

I just managed to get clear weather on a stack finally. I saw fog and snow probably 20+ times before I finally got these. Had to settle for another quirk (irrelevant fortunately) but I would have preferred durability, however I was using faulty longevity gums it seems.


I knew enough, from reading about forging and the stuff you guys posted in here, that I could probably make a just-quirky rainstick myself. It took 5 decons, but my first forge is complete.

That was an interesting adventure. I look forward to trying out more than 4 ingredients and one target.

Edit: I made another one, but this one doesn’t show the quirk at all. I think I’ve seen this before, but is there anything to be done about it? The only way to tell this totem from a plain totem (other than holding it) is to see that it’s forged.


Only managed lvl 2 attraction, and hit speed despite trait reduction gum, but I’m definitely pleased with the result!


But if you’re carrying one of those totems with the carpe diem quirk alongside a slingbow, won’t you do reduced damage at night with your bow?

that’s a good point think i need to test this

made a few batches. lots of rng. not all of them are as clean as these ones.

I’m wondering what would be a reasonable price on these


As a buyer, given one of those will last pretty well indefinitely, I wouldn’t hesitate to drop 10-20k on one. :slight_smile:


Some quirks apply a character buff that will show up as a buff icon and on your character page such as the clear weather one does.

Other quirks apply to the item like a boon or a defect would. The carpe diem/noctum quirks apply to the item.


That’s a relief to know. I had a mad couple of totems that landed the carpe noctum quirk and I deconstructed thinking they would ruin a hunt.

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What happens if you have two different weather quirks equipped in each hand?

1 effect apply, kept raining when i had my rain and the clear one at same time,

On a side note, gonna need to make the fog/rain/snow without the glow boon

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Wish we can get an exhaustive list of these because I was asking myself this same question a couple of days ago (which buff/quirk applies to character and which doesn’t).