Weather Quirks!

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Made some weather sticks. Can’t wait to test them out


i’ve also been trying to make them but on a totem
no luck yet

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i need the quirk on my loot spanner XD

actual i have this need here the good weather quirk XD


Being me, I decided to make them on spanners (so I don’t accidentally lose dura on them when I misclick) and I had a condition - I wanted the spanners to ONLY have light, magnet, and weather effect (more neat and a challenge xD). I am proud of myself I gotta say xD.

Forged Spanners


what boon category are they all in?

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they’re quirks, and i don’t think gums affect quirks

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This is true


oh ■■■■, I missed that’s part lol; that’s funny so

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this is what im useing for them

1: Pure Boon Compound 3
2: Draining Boon Compound 2

3: Glow Gum
4: Special Gum
5: Trait Reduction Gum

6: Inviforation Paste 2
7: Protection Paste 2

8: Quirk Transmute Solvent
9: Boon Removal Solvent 2

10: Setting Resin

just done a bunch of testing on a creative xD


Quirk transmute really is the only “control” you have over quirks. I forged with quirks for a very long time and it looks to me like you have a good set up there. I use some variations on what you have there when I quirk forge my totems (slow-mo, sinking feeling, etc) but very similar.


edit: trait reduction gum does make it less likely to hit new quirks. so that’s kind of neat if you want to concentrate your quirk points to the first quirk slot

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I’m so excited about these quirks! I hope they get people looking at the other useful ones too.

Which others are useful? I know “That Sinking Feeling” is useful, but are there others? I haven’t started forging yet, but plan to focus on specialty items when I do, so I’m curious.

More on-topic, @whitelet Do you expect to have wayfarer’s totems with clear weather/lootstick in stock, or should I see about a custom order? Do you do custom orders? I’m also thinking about a gleambow rainstick (no glow/loot).

Continuing the off topic -
+attack speed when hungerbar is full?
-Energy drain when HP bar is full?

I may have them backwards but those are ones that I look for expressly. The quirks can also come in backwards on top of that where its +attack speed when hungry / -energy drain when HP bar less than full. It’s more specific than that but that’s a very rough synopsis. Then of course you have the +damage day/night ones

So many people insist on buying ‘pure’ forged tools but honestly quirked ones are the best (imo). Last I checked they were cheaper to forge, and if you hit the trifecta You’d get a load of quirks that actually made the tool great. Those are the tools I would pay 20-25k for. But since people think all quirks are bad, quirk sellers just seem to price all their quirky forged similarly and cheaply.

On Topic - the weather quirks, though I am happy to see the clear weather one. Definitely clear weather/light/autoharvest is what I will be making/buying.


Slow-Mo is one of my favourites.

Gives increased run speed at the expense of reduced walking speed.


I had no idea these work like that - none of the descriptions I can find online seem to show that info? Is there somewhere that shows these details?


Yeah there’s just not enough information regarding quirks, unfortunately. If you hop over to ps maryx, I had a little shop there selling quirky goods. It’s no longer open but I put up signs that are still there with my opinions regarding the use of each quirk. I think a few other shops have them as well. Golden fist does, I’m pretty sure.


Oh! You’re right! I remember the wall at Golden Fist, I’ll check that out, thank you.

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totems are not as trivial as chisel sticks to make. i’ll give it a go and see how bad it is :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks! Hopefully not too crazy, though I think a rare purchase like this could probably be priced high enough to cover the costs.