Weekly Dev Update: 2016 July 29th - World Wrapping, Prefabs and more

Every update gets me soo damn exited about this game man :slight_smile:
Keep up the excellent work you guys are doing.
even thou its hard to get things working right, it seems that, in just a short time, this game has accomplished so much that other games alike have not even come close to.
The game is just looking better and better. I wish you guys good luck and hope that this game will become as exellent as it seems it will become! :smiley: :heart_eyes:


Random question i have in mind will boundless ever have coral reefs i feel some sandbox game need some under water exploration


With prefabs you could just build custom coralreefs

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Actually I think that would have to be a world builder feature

Why? Just build custom corals and let them generate under water

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I guess we’d need need to have an actual coral style block in the game first ^^ (and probably some sort of function or purpose for it!).

Because with world gen, they could easily be larger, appearing at the same depth in all oceans, and because prefab can’t include water as James mentioned.

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I think James meant it can’t include water source blocks (I could be wrong on that one though!), which would allow water to be generated over a certain height… which then causes the problems of what to do with water flowing into beacons etc.

I’d imagine that it would be fine to just build your own coral as a prefab and then just state on the world builder that it can only appear in certain places / depths on the map, where the water source blocks would actually be generated on a map.


Ah, that clarifies things considerably.

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I cann’t understand: here is nothing about the Cuttletrunk, only about the Hopper. Did you mean analogy between two creatures?

I’m not a professional translator but very want to help you with localisation (ru)! What I need to do for that?