Weekly Dev Update: 2016 October 21st - Slingbow, Grapple, Temple and more!

This week we release an update to fix some issues with the game and started to add small features incrementally. We are hoping for another update next week (ok ok this week) with more incremental additions. The following items are the closest to being ready:

  • New torch VFX
  • HUD - status text above players, creatures and machines
  • New Slingbow models with material progression to match the other equipment

The updates after that should include the following.

  • New Grapple models with material progression
  • Warp Conduit block
  • Hopper, Cuttletrunk and Roadrunner models and initial AI.
  • Explosion VFX
  • Additional SFX

We already have the foundation done for adding a tutorial and achievements for players. 1st pass will be released before end of this year.

This week we’ve continued on the HUD, adding logic so when it displays the information is smarter, e.g. hidden creature don’t show up. Additional information on interactions with items have been added. On the GUI we’ve fixed some of the smart stack issues but are reworking the systems to make it more robust going forward.

Additionally we have:

  • Started work on integrating the updated Slingbow and Ammo,
  • Normalised the lighting pipeline to make it more balanced and render closer to the original art,
  • Made the portal transitions smoother by fixing the obvious remaining issues.

On the back end we have:

  • Reduced the server memory footprint per user to be markedly lower so the servers will be under less stress when many people are online.
  • Reworked some of the client network updating to make it more responsive (less lag) at lower frame rates and pushed that to a test branch.
  • Continued with the local database work to integrate it into the Boundless server.

This week, Rob has been helping Marc with the HUD implementation as well as polishing up visuals and user experience on existing and new GUI screens.

Ollie has been helping Rob and Marc to iterate on the HUD, as well as looking to polish the inventory, and go over stats and attributes with Luke. Also spent time thinking about how ammo changes should be integrated with the new Slingbow revision.

Luke has been continuing with the intro to the game, as well as stats, attributes and status effects.

This week, we have continues to worked on the following.

  • Grapple mesh: As seen in the previous concepts, they are like a third hand with big claws. The next step is to integrate this into the game but it will take a bit of effort as it will require new animation and VFX for the grapple wire.

  • The Basher progression level 5: This is still not ready to show but we should be able to show you its screenshot next week. Stay tuned!
  • The Temple concepts: The Temple is the players first entry point into the game. Here players will go through an initial but simple tutorial to get them ready to enter the main Boundless universe. You will also select your starting world and build a Warp to travel to it. We are planning to have the Temple in the game before end of this year. (The name temple is just a placeholder for this special starting location.)

  • Animation / item holding positioning support for the new Slingbow: With the help from our animator, the new Slingbow is in the dev build. We still need to work on the VFX and getting the power up on the slingbow.

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Omfg those temples… it’s going to be TOUGH to build anything manually in game that comes even close to the splendor of those concepts!


Nice work! Are the slingbows going to get strings of some sort eventually?

Oooh, that slingbow! It looks like that star shape at the back could be for plugging something into… maybe? Crystals?

I think someone took a little inspiration from Stargate on that 2nd to last temple! (the view from the inside!) :smiley:

… but by Boundless, I want to try!


[quote=“Stretchious, post:4, topic:5335”]
Oooh, that slingbow! It looks like that star shape at the back could be for plugging something into… maybe? [/quote]

I think it’s purely aesthetic - and to keep with the common theme that all ranged attacks/attackers are identified by that glyph:

It’s a neat touch :slight_smile:


Explosion? :open_mouth: I think I missed someting.

All about this update its SOOO AMAZING!!..Cant wait!


I cannot wait for to explore the tutorial place! @o@


Such templetation. Much adore. It fantastic!!
But what do I do build now? My ideas have been smashed again :frowning:
Sooo cute those concepts are :smiley:


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If those float, can we find crashed/depleted ones in the world?


Guessing temples are obviously going to have anti-beacon tech? And possible anti-block placing tech or at least enhanced world regen speeds? Can see some opportunities for griefing there.

All they need are dev beacons.

This one, kina MMO I guess, had lots of dungeons, what they did is dungeons reset at a specific time relative to the discovery time, and dungeons have specific blocks you can’t break or place things on.

I think these “Temples” will be something like an instanced starting area (with a tutorial alá “do this”, “go there”) after which you get teleported to one of the real worlds with a new inventory…

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The star shape is actually the socket for our Weapons Power-up system.
Those power-ups are going to add extra properties to slingbow bullets and lance tips.

Here some visualisations

Our Coders and Designers are working on the system flexibility and balancing. :slight_smile:


at first I was skeptical, after that screenie, DEATH TO ARROWS!!!11!2!~!!

Does this make sense? Or is it out of hand? A magnetic power-up cylinder rotating where the edge is missing. Could be a disc also.


At the moment the shape is purely decorative. I came with the asymmetrical design because i felt that was cool to feel shielded and protected from flank attacks. But also i got some old visual explorations where the dual-slingbow was supposed to do this…

But please bear in mind that the system is not proved and those are just visuals exploration that i decided to share with you :vulcan:


That is, as I believe the kids these days would say- Dope as %@&#!


O: Maybe like an upgrade to increase arrow travel time or damage.

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That stargate temple form is EPIC