Weekly Dev Update: 2017 August 11th to September 29th - 2 Months of Toil


They said before that this game is also for solo players. And that is what I like to play, solo.

If that is not possible, then I am afraid that I bought the wrong game.


(The following query contains placeholder values.)

a) Say it takes 100 hours of normal play to get a character to Level 50.
Say with 4 characters it’s possible to collectively unlock all skills.
Then it would take 400 hours for a player to be able to do everything in the game - with the overhead of switching characters.

b) Now say that beyond Level 50 additional skill points continued to be earn, but it took 800 hours of normal play to unlock all skills on a single character. So it’s twice the effort.

Why is b) so important for you? Why doesn’t a) deliver everything you would want?


I guess it’s an issue of convenience. Going out on a hunt, and then being able to run back and craft, and then go caving, etc… Rather than going out on a hunt, returning home, putting items in storage, returning to sanctum, switching to crafter character, going back home, etc, etc,


My quoted question still stands. What isn’t solo-able?

Does playing Solo mean that you don’t interact with others?

Does playing Solo mean that you’re fully self sufficient and gather all resources yourself, craft all items yourself, never use another player’s Portal / Warp, never use another player’s shop, never go hunting with another player, never be buffed by another player, …? What does it mean?

(Because bizarrely in my mind, you @SWProzee1 are the total opposite of a solo player. You’ve provided huge infrastructure for other players, you’ve built portals for other players, you’ve built a market for other players, you’ve given resources to other players, you made fun for other players, and you’ve crashed a helicopter. These aren’t the actions of a solo player - IMO.)


Ok, but how much of an inconvenience is it actually? What if switching character could be done in under 2 seconds (say).

Is the inconvenience switching character or the process of depositing resources directly into the machine?


b) Is important to me as I do not want to switch to alt accounts constantly. I will not ever use alt accounts as I want to play with my main account. So I rather have a longer grind to unlock all then being forced to keep switching accounts.


I reckon that if the process of switching alts was streamlined it would be better
Edit: maybe if there was some way to switch without returning to sanctum the whole process would feel more continuous and this would allow for it to be quicker too


I’m not sure what your mean by a “solid City system”.
By “cooperative/team system” do you mean Clans?

By “Dungeon” do you mean a generated location that can be explored for loot + rewards?
I don’t know what you mean by “Raids”.


This hasn’t explained why? If I can’t understand why then I can’t start trying build a solution you would be satisfied with.

So say switching accounts was as quick as switching Held Items - would it be ok then?


In my opinion, absolutely


I simply want to be able to unlock all skills with 1 character, 1 name.

I dont like the idea to keep switching accounts. I don’t want to have 4 names. I dont like the idea to maintain 4 characters and specialize 4 different characters by deviding skill points to each of them.


Being nice to the community is a complete different thing.

What I mean with solo player is that I would not ever want to join a clan/guild. I want to play the game being able to do all myself eventually.
If I am going to be dependant on other crafters/hunters/miners etc, then for me that is the end of fun. And for sure I do not want to have 4 characters that have 4 specializations to be able to do all myself.

Why is it such a big problem to have 1 character/name that can unlock all eventually (even after a very long grind) ?


IMHO the greatest inconvenience right now is not being able to access my main’s shelfs and maschines with my alts and not being able to fuel my alt’s portals with my main.

* sneaks into wonderstruck office and puts auto-friend-alts on top of the agenda * :speak_no_evil:


Yep - and this needs fixing.

Please do!!


@james i think your team has done an awesome job at stabilising the game and the chisel patch alone has created greater depth than ever before. I understand peoples concerns with end game but again this is still not 1.0 ready so there is plenty of time to implement some end game content therefore referring to the recent content drops (throughout the summer period) as “cheap features” is not fair or true. I also understand the concern of not being able to max out a single character however this is an mmorpg “RPG” (role playing game) maxing out one character defeats the point to picking and playing a defined role. Now if @SWProzee1 your concern is having to switch alts is an inconvenience and multiple names then I would suggest enabling a family name feature (as seen in BDO and many other mmo’s) whereby characters share one name and have separate name to distinguish them aka Bob “Marley” …Marley being the family name all alts share. Secondly instead of switching from sanctum or loading in wherever you last left your alt i suggest this… the player is gathering wood however a cuttletrunk is causing them some trouble but they are on their gatherer so they click to switch to their combat alt which starts an animation where a portal opens your alt steps out (high fiveing your main) and your main steps into the portal… that way there is no downtime, defined roles, no annoyance of having to move one alt to here and the other to there and so on and a nice little animation that makes sense as to how your alt (family member) made it to you. :slight_smile: as with everything just a suggestion but i think it is a nice mid ground of what some parts of the community want and some parts of the community expect when playing an rpg. Again awesome job, awesome content, AWESOME COMMUNITY, love it here!


Why not let the players choose ?

When we start v.1.0 then we get 2 options:

  1. Solo character
  2. Multiple character

Then ofcourse explaining what the benefits for those choices are.

It could be that simple !


I am all for more choice in a game @SWProzee1 and sure it could be that simple but in an rpg what would be the point… and even though you proclaim to be a solo player, your a community leader in many ways with the infrastructure you’ve built for others so as much as you may fight being put in a box or fulfilling a role you have fulfilled a role…your the hub daddy and you would be sorely missed if you disappeared into the solo player abyss.


I did explain what I see as solo player and why I want that solo option in the game.

Again, I still hope a real Solo Character and Multiple Character will be an option so we are all happy.

If not then I will wait till ‘own hosted servers’ are an option so I can see if the configuration file lets me change the max. skill points per character. If that is also not the case, then I simply bought the wrong game.

(By the way: The Giant Portal Hub was made by me since NL-Tim did not enable his portal area near Moebius-Plaza.
To me, I am a tester, not a player.
And to be honest, I would not make another hub again after reset/wipe/v.1.0 goes live.)


Here’s my two cents. There are 6 main types of players. Every single content update falls under one of these categories.

Explorers - people who love open ended games and exploring them and finding treasures and secrets and unique builds or structures. Always expecting or hoping that if they keep exploring they’ll find something truly amazing.

Builders - people who love to build, chisel, craft, and create everything and anything. Can spend hours just working on one build and find great satisfaction with their time spent. They don’t even need to leave their immediate surroundings because they’re having so much fun simply creating.

Hunters - similar to explorers with the exception that they’re specifically looking for creatures, animals, bosses, and dungeons. They want a challenge. They could spend every gaming minute shooting things and be perfectly happy and content doing so.

Social seeker - these players aren’t as concerned with normal aspects of the game as long as they can play with and communicate with other players. It’s the social aspect they desire and are happy as long as they feel like they’re part of a community and/or team.

Merchant - this type of player is drawn to games with a detailed merchant system. They love buying and selling. Making money in game gives them enough satisfaction that every other aspect of the game is simply a bonus. They log in just to check their shop. Whether it’s for selfish prestige or providing a service to the community, the merchant absolutely loves the shop scene.

Greifer - these players are drawn to games were they can cause grief and trouble for other players. They look for ways to cheat, scam, and kill other players. They get satisfaction seeing other players suffer at their hands. They feel superior when they successfully take something away from another.

An then of course there’s the type of player, who make up the majority, that play as multiple or all of those types.

The point of this post is to request content that will satisfy as many of these types as possible. Minus the greifer. Obviously releasing content for those 5 main types is difficult to do but if possible would literally make everyone happy.


People know when they see my character who I am in the boundless world. It is the same name as online in the forums and on discord. If I have alts, how are people going to readily identify who I am? How am I going to know who the other people are without asking?

I think it is somewhat inconvenient to have to switch characters also. If I am mining and need something, do I have to put stuff into storage (which assumes I am someplace with storage) go back to sanctum, change characters, then retrieve items from storage to craft or do what I wanted with them. That does take time and I earn no xp for any of it.

I would think as a solo player I should have the ability to do almost everything in the game with out being forced to interact with others. I should be able to craft everything and mine everything assuming I can locate the resources needed to craft the appropriate tools. I should be able to have the skills necessary to survive on the various planets. I may not win a fight against a high level mob like a titan but I should be able to try it. I may not be able to do it with out a lot of effort, but I should be able to do it.