Weekly Dev Update: 2017 August 11th to September 29th - 2 Months of Toil


So, what, wouldn’t that be basically offline single player?


I was just describing what true solo play would mean…


I thought that was the case.


Let’s just be simple here:

  1. The “game flow” of the current game does not create specialization. We don’t have miners getting raw resoruces and only able to sell them to a crafter who can only sell stuff to a shop owner who can sell that… There is no supply chain game dynamic. It is a future thing you are wanting to add so we shouldn’t be playing the game the way it is because it is creating a false sense of the 1.0 game play. If “community” is mandatory then remove “solo” from all your marketing. From what I see this isn’t World of Warcraft in how the game dynamics work. I bought a game that had “community” or “solo” possibility.
  2. I should not be forced to play with other people in a game that is marketed as a solo possible game. I do not want to have to deal with other peoples real life schedules, personalities, and all that type of stuff. I like having one character that can achieve anything through hard work just like in real life. I am already tired of having to negotiate foot traffic, plot location, who owns what portal, who will sell what at a shop, or people bailing in the middle of a build because they want to go do something else, leaving early because they had dinner, blah, blah, blah… And now you are telling me this game “requires” me to have to deal with these things because you won’t let me play alone in times I wish to be alone?
  3. Let’s be honest… we all want everyone to play together but people don’t and you will severely restrict your user base if you make it a forced option and do not give solo ability like @SWProzee1 is talking about. ALTs are not a solution to that… it is hard enough with one character and now you force me to have 3. I like ALTs existing but it shouldn’t be forced to use them to achieve gameplay. ALT means alternate character not required character to achieve a set goal of game.
  4. Also I do not want to have to go to get some wood on a planet and be forced to find someone to protect me because I cannot handle the monsters. What happens if I cannot find someone then I can’t play the game because of the forced restrictions of having to do alts. I’m not talking Titan’s but simple resource gathering. If you plan to restrict that then offer a solid economy model prior to unobtainable resources.
  5. You are trying to force “community” where in the real world that isn’t easy and additionally your game has no functionality that actually makes it conducive right now. This just results in less people wanting to play and a negative feedback loop.

We all want interesting team based game play but you have to look at what people buy and want not what sounds cool. If I had known this wasn’t going to be a solo possible game with components of forced shops/economy to do certain things (outside of Titans) then I probably shouldn’t have bought it either.


I can certainly agree with these definitions and also agree the terms are being interchangeably incorrectly. The one point where I will disagree is that “you can kill everything”. I do not think a solo player should be able to kill something like a Titan. You can fee free to try and might get something for the effort, bit not kill it.

That being said, I would like the option to play as a solo player. To do that, I would need more skill points than are currently possible. At level 50 I cannot craft everything, I can hunt to a certain degree that I am satisfied with, I cannot build everything and I see items in the skill tree like atmospheres that I am reserving skill points on. This is why I would like to still accrue skill points after level 50.


Just as a point to note regarding skill points… there’s a lot of talk about not having enough skill points for things that have not yet been added to the game… this does not mean 1000 is the total skill points we’ll ever get. It’s not set in stone. It may be that the current skill points are intended to reflect what is currently in game.

We’ve already been told that skills resets will happen when major features requiring skills are introduced, so I see little point in reserving points for things that are not in game yet.


I think you raise a very valid point. The game is not done and they have the opportunity to raise the skill points awarded.


Having your own world where you can play solo, do everything you want and invite people to play on your world would satisfy this, no?

Then when you go into the official worlds you go in with your skills assigned to the official worlds so it is fair for other players.


I’m all for alts, I play WoW, I have many gnomes :stuck_out_tongue:
However, here in Boundless, I’ve no interest. This isn’t because I don’t want to multi-level them, it’s because I just want to be an Explorer :stuck_out_tongue:

Side-line aside. If you’re at 50, can you put enough points in to craft everything? Do you have points left over?
Because surely that’s solo mode right there. You can craft everything, and you can still mine and fight (and explore!). Albeit those two(/three) will be slower, but you can still do it. That’s solo! There has to be a downside or you’d have mini cat-gods walking about upsetting @Illuminoorti :stuck_out_tongue:


Does a configuration file exist where I can set the amount of skills per character for ‘own hosted servers’ ?

If so, then I will only play on my own hosted server and be able to allow solo players to max out all skills by grinding on my server.

I will not be part of public servers, I realise that, but at least I have the fun in this game that I want.


So what’s the verdict on being able to max all skills, however long it takes, or at least just being able to get some more points on top of the 1000 you get at lvl50?


If you can edit config files for private servers, they yes. Its the progressionrewards.json which is currently in the archetypes folder.


I would hope we would support things like this and unofficial mods for people to create infinite possibilities on private worlds


If that is the case then I can play my solo style on my own servers and invite people who like that solo style as well.
I fear there is not other option as clearly this game is heading towards something that I really dislike.


A system for a “self-regulating” city with a fine-grained system for player administration, laws (or at least something like a police) and a rental system.

Clans are just one example. It would be cool to form a group of players (team) and be able to see each other on the map (highlighting), be able to use a “team/group chat” and get benefits from each other (buffs). A team system like most of the “bigger” MMOs support.


A really large group of players working together defeating one “special boss” or solving a “difficult team problem”.


I’m curious. At 50 I can currently craft everything and farm everything with high/max effectiveness. I 3-shot all ores, one shot all soils, have access to all recipes, kill level 5 mobs fast and safely enough, have 4/5 tool durability.
After all of that I still had spare points to get enough extra inventory, max my movement speed and 0% durability loss on death. I feel in no way restricted by the 1000 points.

This might just be a build thing? Is there something you can do that I’m somehow missing?

If it will benefit you I’d gladly share my skill allocations.


@OmniUno please do share your build ive been looking for a decent build i always seem to screw mine up somehow lol


I max power and slibg bow I can craft some gems items and hunt lvl 5 and mine really fast at level 34. It’s all about skill point distribution and prioritization. And I’m one point away for zero death penalty.


Just to confirm that you saw that I wrote the following?

Yes. The entire Skill system is data driven. You will be able to modify all the values (costs, numbers, trees, totals, awards per level, etc.)

The entire game is designed to be data driven and all parameters and configuration of the game can be altered. There are no absolute values compiled into the game.


Luke, playing solo, interacting with people, private/public worlds are mutually exclusive from one another. I think our biggest issues as alpha players is we aren’t fully understanding your direction and goals. So we each have our own needs we are trying to advocate. For some of us (like me) it is more helpful to understand your direction and I can give advice and experiences from that in relation to the game.

I should not have to pay for a private server or solution to be able to mine resources, craft, build, and visit worlds. I shouldn’t have to rely on people others. Or course I want to play with people and will do what I can with others but you can’t make it a requirement in the game especially because of real life. People don’t work that way… people break plans and go on breaks, etc… You can’t expect me to have to navigate all these things just to play a game.

Me having the ability to have skills that continue to escalate has nothing to do with being not fair to other people. If you are trying to protect from a person being able to solo a Titan, then communicate that and we can have a discussion around that. Also if you want to keep people for being able to solo a titan then stop developing fancy absolutely cool doors, poles, fences, and release true MMORPG functionality where we all need to be classed accordingly to fight a titan. But, remember even in WOW you could do EVERYTHING alone unless you wanted to fight a big boss. That was the only game play that was restricting… you all are restricting more.