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What is restricted?


I’m confused here … in WoW you were limited to a specific class and could only choose 1-2 professions… so you couldn’t actually do everything on one character. I haven’t played for a while, so maybe that’s changed?


James I understand you feel solo play is possible in the game and will be. We all clearly understand you all are going to let that. Unfortunately your teams definition of solo and ours and what we want to achieve to not match. I think all the comments show that there is a gap.

You all are restricting more because you have added more features than WOW had. WOW was simple. Build a character by doing quests and killing some creatures. If you wanted to play PVP for XP great. If you wanted more group dynamics you joined a guild and killed bosses. End of story.

Boundless has more functionality. That functionality inherently causes different dynamics and game play. Inside that new functionality you are requiring certain things to happen and specific limitations. Because of that design and those limitations, that is why there is more restriction.

If you didn’t limit solo and allowed XP progression like @SWProzee1 is asking, if you didn’t limit building (via plot growth in a diminishing return), and if you didn’t put game components that forced real world interactions, then I wouldn’t feel more restricted. But the problem is I cannot get away from those things. So the game is now becoming less fun and I won’t be spending more money for higher access or likely building another cool place… because the return on that time investment isn’t worth it.

My path to game play is basically this going forward —

  1. Finish Xaldafax quickly to 50. – I won’t go farther because I only get 10 plots and no skill points or any other character value on the time I play.
  2. Grind out my other 2 alts to 50.
  3. That gives me 960 plots so I go build one or two communities that are very small in size (look at how big prozee’s hub is. I won’t even have that many).
  4. Fuel my beacons to 6 months.
  5. Go play another game.

I mean this with as much love and respect to you all… but does that really look fun in the long run? I can’t build more or be creative because it’s all linked to a diminished level 50 return on investment. New fence posts won’t solve it. Titan’s won’t solve it. As a person focused more on creative building and pretty communities like Eden this game is starting to reach end game for me. And what is sad is there should never be an “end game” to the amazing game you all are trying to achieve.

Also, a private server won’t solve these problems. So I go back to one key point. If there are technical issues with public servers and restrictions to plots and building there, it would be more helpful to know that. So at least we can better rationalize your reasons and where the developers are taking the game.


You were limited to the class but you still basically could play the game however you wanted minus bosses. I wasn’t forced to go out and find a hunter or mage or healer unless I wanted boss content.


I am not sure how that is different to what we are proposing.


What? I don’t understand. There is far more than just boss content in WoW that required multiple people. Professions, crafting, dungeons, raids, world bosses, many quests that require more than one player. Many higher tier crafting recipes required goods from 2 or more additional professions to craft, making you rely on other players or an alt to aquire. Only a select few generalist classes could tank/dps/heal at the same time, and they were always inferior to specialist in these regards. Is that not what the existing skill system provides? You can either be a specialist, or generalist, but you can’t do everything at the best at the same time.


Agreed. My opinion on all this, is that the state of the game currently is pretty good. I do, however, think that everyone could do with a few more plots (without having to level past 50) and a few more skill points.


Then that is just a simple case of balancing …



Yeah, that’s my point really. No major changes needed


I don’t really see it as forcing. They aren’t a liability or anything like that. Having extra plots isn’t a burden.


That very well could be true. Sometimes I have to remind myself that the game is not finished. But only because I really like the game and want this to be something I enjoy for a very long time. I do not want this to be a game I put down after a few months. I have 433 hours in the game since July 31, 2017. I fully expect that rate to continue. There are a lot of very passionate people playing this game. We all want this to be successful, even if we sometimes disagree. And also, most people try really hard not to attack of demean other players in the forums and that is really great.


The difference is you offer Building in your game dynamic. Also 10+ years ago or whatever when I logged into WOW for the first time the game play contained the basics of their current model. They didn’t change it or try to change the whole methodology mid way through like you all are.

Does having many plots unused affect the server? Are the servers able to handle each person having 5000 plots? Is there a technical reason? Since I have asked this question in many ways and nothing was said I have to assume there is no technical limitation to plot ownership that would affect the servers.

If an overwhelming majority of players use only 60-70% of their beacon plots you must correlate that number against the actual time played and activity. You cannot make the assumption that because they only use that number it means they aren’t “interested in more”. Also having many plots not being used doesn’t affect the character. It is not a burden.

Not everyone is a builder or wants that but if it doesn’t hurt the system then you shouldn’t limit it. If this was how you all came to the rational on the plot numbers I can see why we have an issue now. Look at it this way… You could say 60-70% of people don’t use most of their money in their accounts. So why make it so we can have millionaires in the game like Omni. I think we should restrict the amount of coin each person can earn each level since many people don’t use it… of course this is an example but I needed a quick one. :slight_smile:


Well actually we removed coin from levelling up and no one complained. Well at least to my recollection.

And I did mention it was high level players, 40-50.

Also wow constantly makes changes that divide the community.

Again, there is no limit. The issue is builders who want to build don’t have enough. We are looking at way to address this without giving other players something they don’t care about, have no use for and can’t get rid of from their inventory.


When did that happen?


When we added feats


Ah, I wasn’t around then… I was wondering if I’d gone mad :joy:


I am sure you didn’t mean it that way but it feels like you just took all my comments that I am making in good faith about helping you develop your game and threw it in the trash…


If that is how it was read then that was not the intention. However, I have posted multiple replies saying the same thing elsewhere and that appears to have been ignored too.


If that was the feeling then I didn’t want that either…