(WEEKLY) OortBusters Speed/Hunt (EST)

OortBusters Guild will be having a platform hunt on our Hunt planet,
KarmaKazi a T4 Lush world.

‎Hunt Leader: @OfficerHatchet
Day&Time: Today 10:00AM EST
Duration: 1 1/2 hr
Location: KarmaKazi
Bow type: Any above stone
Protection: Lvl 1 Caustic
Discord https://discord.gg/74yRVByae8

We will be meeting at the Hunting lodge
located on Alder before the hunt begins.

Our Hunt Lodge is Directly Accessible from
TNT Mega Hub On ).Circapous I.
Were up On The Second Floor
In The Corner


On the main forum page this shows up to me as being written an hour ago, but when I look at it here it says February 12.
Is this for a hunt on Sunday, February 21, or a hunt long past?


He edits so he doesn’t need to make another post