Weird/Bad Encoding on Beacon name

This beacon (Janus II, world ID = 669, (1662N, -1634E, A209)) has some weird encoding going on. In game, the beacon name appears to be chorió where ó is Latin Small Letter O with Acute, Unicode Number: U+00F3, HTML-entity: ó Letters in Block Latin-1 Supplement 📖 Symbol Meaning ✂ Copy & 📋 Paste (◕‿◕) SYMBL.

From the Leaderboard in game, it gives a completely different value. Similarly, the /worldpoll endpoint also seems to return similar bad encoding:

b'{"beacons":3,"displayName":"Janus II","eol":1603205028,"leaderboard":[{"mayor":{"id":109686,"name":"Lunai","type":1},"name":"Chori\\u9841\\udd2fu Oranou","prestige":61737},{"mayor":{"id":127791,"name":"Ellyphant","type":1},"name":"Welcome Pile of Ruins","prestige":58793}],"owner":false,"plots":524,"prestige":120540,"resources":[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,7117467,11631810,1021457,436862,0,14719492,3413110,0,1573163,2156077,0,2121193,983372,0,0,0,0,0,5014,10467,813,12710,0,2418,57474,31592,18993,0,0,4580,5606,0,0,4832,0,0,5161,5281,4978,7047,5871,1335,7022,46019,24633,12609,0,0,0,0,0],"signed":"l(ITBAhRf<-*0$u>xQ1!miA6~vUAVXZ>#R^yBIma^gNv*3/.FoIeV.KYBRA~1_8P^nd*!*<DTFoDe^(~|n[uY[dNRo*>V.K9OD#Ndf03O2}00*hE/<QyyI|SrcvT8/iDr[Lnr}5|Y.$,)^>DP|[X7&}E_SQu2ip-","tt":16909057,"worldSize":288}\n'

In game:

Settlements tab:


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LOL THAT’S MY BEACON! it’s supposed to be greek for Sky village but the leaderboard says it all wrong

The game GUI renderer doesn’t support full Unicode. It currently supports ISO 8859-1 with a few little additions.


I can understand that, but it looks like a completely different character based on the raw binary response. Compass texts from the first screenshot appears to be rendering F3, which is Latin1 supplement and I believe should be render able by a ISO 8859-1 render since it is still only a singe byte, but the binary from the response says it is 4 bytes, not 1. Is there a different higher 4 byte Unicode character I am just missing?