Weird death? Inventory missing

I lowered myself onto a platform with my grappling hook and started walking around, planning my build, and started breaking a block when I suddenly had the respawn at home button pop up on my screen. It was not that high of a drop that I lowered myself from so it could not have been fall damage especially since i had full health. I clicked the respawn button but nothing was happening. So i restarted Oort and I got back on and my inventory was gone and there was nothing on the ground where I died.

There are two reasons that I can think of that might have caused you to die. You were either touching lava or an Ember block. Either of those will cause your health to drain. Lava looks obvious but the Ember blocks currently say “Missing” on them as they haven’t been textured yet.

As for your inventory, it does automatically despawn after a period of time, I think it is something like 5 minutes. Alternatively, if another player came along, they could’ve picked it up.

I’ve seen some occasions where jumping up and down on a platform will cause odd health drops. I’ve been trying to reproduce exactly what’s going on before reporting it as a bug, but I think it’s lag related.

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but don’t know how you died but ys you now lose your inventory when you die

Your dropped inventory is only around for a short period (maybe 5 minutes).

If anyone can reproduce the issue let us know.

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