Weird seed exchange happened

So I had 4 open slots left in on inventory. 1824 grass seeds also was in my inventory. Friend dropped me 900. He then said I dropped the 24 from my inventory which I did not. I was not even in my inventory screen. So it exchanged the 900 for 24. Note I was not full and was not in my screen to be able to drop anything. Just ran over to him.

What does the layout of your inventory look like?

At the Time it was 2 stacks (1800) of seeds and a stack of 24 separate. When he dropped a 900 stack to me he said oh why did you drop me the 24. But I didn’t. Which was weird. It was now gone. I had 2700 and he had 24.

Just to confirm, did you just drag and drop the items as opposed to interacting with each other and selecting the option to trade?

No sire. We ran up to eachother and he dropped his 1800 seeds to me. I had plenty of available inventory slots but it took the 24 I had and gave to him. I have never seen anything like this before. I never entered my menu and did not drop anything. I haven’t tried to replicate this.

I’m just trying to understand what’s being written here. You said that you didn’t enter the GUI menu. So did the other player just dropped the items like this?

As opposed to giving the items via trading?

It might have picked the stack up, but due to the 24, it saw the stack as “full” and just didn’t touch the 24.
The game could then have registered the remaining seeds as “new” and valid for your friend to vacuum back up into his inventory.

Ok. I thought I was clear. The only (drop) (as in it drops to the floor) that was done was him from his inventory. 1800 that is to me. I just stood there. I had 24 in my inventory. I never entered into my inventory until he looked back into his and said why did I drop the 24 I had. BUT I didn’t. As if he dropped the 1800 and my inventory pulled the 24 to him… I had plenty of space to receive the 1800 he dropped. It’s like it pulled from my inventory. If so this may be happening without others noticing.

yeah I’m thinking it topped off my 24 to two stacks (1800) then stopped leaving him at 24. Which is what I had. This is still a bug if so. I had plenty of space to accept the 1800 and keep my 24…

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Thanks for the explanation, although I wasn’t able to reproduce this. I take it you haven’t seen this occur with any other player since then?

It’s has not sir. But I haven’t interacted with anyone. I’ve been away for a few days but I will let you know if it happens and try to reproduce it today.