Welcome to Lil' Asia

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My Brother “Greaser” has a themed town known as “Lil Asia” Inspired from the Asian Cultures around the world, and great inspirations from towns like Little Japan.

Lil Asia was to incorporate the Asian culture and it’s theme in this mini town – Built by my brother this is the town center which will have residential areas around it so people can enjoy the beauty of this wonderful town.

This town can also be found in Glitch World or, the Red District!

Enjoy some picture of the town and how far it has come!

The Entrance:

The Bridge… or, the Transition!

Some trees, some of the buildings around the Bridge:

Other side of the Bridge:

The Bell: In profile!

Enter the Market Place:

Shoppe 1:

Shoppe 2:

Shoppe 3:

Shoppe 4:

Town Center [And workshop]

The Center of Town:

The Dragon: [Courtesy of the Builder Hototo]

Better picture of the Dragon:

Bridge Archway:

The Bell and Prayer Temple:

Other half of town:

Modern Asia housing:

Pretty Walkway lots of relaxing:

The Temple and Garden:

The front of the Temple:

To the Gazeebo

The Gazeebo and the Forbidden Temple in the distance

The Forbidden Temple:

The Field of Love

The Portal Hub:

The Temple Gate to the future Residential area:

Mini Soup shop and Bamboo Garden:

Feel free to come visit! We welcome new friends!


Future post reserved for Residential builds

This reminds me of Kugane in FFXIV. Very nice. I will come see it in game one day :smile:


My god, that’s GORGEOUS!!! amazing job!!!

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Some nice colour combos.
Deffo see that you were inspired by Little Japan.
Rip that place. I miss @Pseudonym84 bamboos


Beautiful and orginal looking place, very cool design :slight_smile:

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It is with a heavy heart to share, Lil Asia has moved to another planet. My brother needed more space to build, so he has moved and is creating an entire island of wonder!

Pictures will be shared once things get back up and built!


Awesome ! Good job Greaser like it :+1:

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Hope to see the Lil’Asia again… Beautiful creation…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: