Well a Statue, kind of

Hey, I’ve made an Statue to test how it would look like, this Design should have been placed in the middle of the Market Place of my City, but I’m not sureanymore if I want that.

I dunno… how does it look like for you guys? Do you like that Design? Imean, it looked better on my Paper because its round there xD

Well… Maybe diffrent Colors? The Design stands for “Economy”. The (currently) red E in the middle and an bigger flipped C around it. As already mentioned, I think that the drawing on my Paper looks better and I dont knoe how I should think about that one xD

Can you help me be a man? Uhm I mean can you help me, and say what you think about that please ^^

Hmmmm… :pensive:
Since what you want is basically a logo there are a few things to keep in mind

  1. KISS
  2. while the human mind CAN fill in things that are missing, it can only do so within a framework that makes sense (there must be ENOUGH information that the mind can recognize what is missing)
  3. if you have to TELL people what something is then you are doing it wrong

in YOUR logo, the “C” doesn’t read as a C until you TELL us that it is a C (I kinda thought it was a crescent moon at first) and the big E doesn’t really mean anything on it’s own

My suggestion,
unless you want to put a LOT of time into this (Logo design is an entire PROFESSION all on it’s own and pros spend hours and sometimes DAYS designing a logo)
go with #1 KISS
the backwards C is confusing
so flip it around, get rid of the E
and make the whole sign into an €
it’s simple and gets the point across clearly
alternatively, if you’re American you might want to just go for $

Well no, I want to keep that Design, its not an Logo its an Statue, as said. Not everything has to be understood, but thats why I told you that ^^

And € or $ ist just to agressive as Stature. It’s just too much, I was thinking about that, also about building an Moneybag but, no, its just too much. The EƆ is preatty good for that, I would do something else but yeah showing money Symbols directly isn’t what I’m up to ^^

You know, it should look profession, even that we all knopw its not at all. xD

if you don’t want advice you shouldn’t ask for it :unamused:

I do like that Edvice but as said I’m not into that Money symbols :smiley: