Well done Wonderstruck

I just want to say I am really impressed with the code of conduct. I have been gaming since I was very small and i remember the days when gamers behaved the same way in game as they did in real life. Sure there was a rude guy here and there but it was 1 in 100 instead of 1 in every 2. Its REALLY nice to see a dev team taking an active interest in making a their game a positive environment instead of a place where others go to do whatever they can to ruin other peoples day. 10/10 \o/


I mean can we avoid the giant walls of text without proper grammar? I’m begging.

Though I have to agree with you - everyone in this game is far, far too nice (more so than in real life). Also, given most of the conversations I’ve had with others in game, I assume the average age is somewhere north of 25-30.

That is until I read posts like this :wink:

This is the type of game that isnt highly competitive – which is why there seems to way less rude people than in other types of games.

I mean, in prestige, that is the only measurable aspect but most people who like sandbox builder games just want to build in peace.

Add PvP to this game, then you will see the rude people come.

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PVP is coming, no? That’s a legitimate end game and reason to sink time in (aside from people who just care about building cool ish).

The polls here have disappointed me - in that PVP doesn’t seem to be at the forefront of all dev requests. Maybe I’m just chasing the Runescape glory days (05-07), but this would moonshot the amount of users. What’s better for the game than more money for the devs?

Umm… it’s true better grammar makes for a better reading experience.

But take a moment to realize not everyone has english as their first language, many have learnt it as a second or even later down the line, and their usage of it, it’s not perfect. I don’t know why you need to nitpick on that subject, when the post is totally comprehensible.

Back on topic, things like the code of conduct, are indicatives of why I decided to stick so long in the forums and upgrade my backing, these devs make it worth it to back their game.


Dog, it wasn’t comprehensible - I stopped reading her post halfway through because it was giving me a headache. While this is, of course, “nit picky,” is it really too much to ask for?

Your post, by the way, was beautifully written. I look forward to your next eloquent response.

Would love to see PVP in a game like this. But I don’t really see it happening. And the fact that devs have never really talked about pvp then one can assume it’s not a priority for them.

I’m almost certain I had read past dev posts about PVP content to come after release. Could’ve been their attempt in seeing what type of interest there was by current players but regardless, I’m not sure how this couldn’t be a priority given the amount of new players an update like that would bring.

Would love to see a link. But I’m not holding my breath

Not sure if sarcastic. @Aanika

Because a bulk of the community doesn’t care. While PvP could be added, its not really what the game is about. I hope they never add a PvP aspect. PvP brings toxicity


And people like you.

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It’s been a while but what comes to mind was how cancerous it was. Players tricking others into bringing valuable items into wilderness, scam trades, ganks, half the pvpers only interested in trying to kill dragon hide farmers…
Nevermind the unoriginal insults.
I do remember loving castle wars though, some structure to it and a little teamplay.

I do too, I still have the bruises. We used to tackle and slap each other when something ingame went south :stuck_out_tongue: I think we’ve had different experiences but both had a good time.

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Pvp has been mentioned as one of the possibilities, but always in the realms of Opt-In terrain, meaning, anyone who doesn’t want to partake in PVP, can avoid it completely, as for those that enjoy it, can dive in.

PVP brings toxicity, cuz people enjoying it are far more competitive, than their PVE counterparts and that usually brings the “toxic” out of people, but that doesn’t mean they’re toxic. Liking PVP is not the same as being toxic. It just means you like the competitive side of PVP.

Anyways, I think we’re derailing the Op’s point into PVP discussion, I suggest we move our PVP into the plethora of posts made for that matter. Instead of derailing this one any further.


My God - your cancer was my holy grail of gaming. I loved every bit of scamming, teleblocking, pking, and betting phats on duels. The ability to make money simply from being a merchant in RS is what has me so incredibly addicted to Boundless at the moment.

The issue is going to be where I’ll spend all of my money once I have my power coils (which will be a day or two away) as I got building almost entirely out of my system in Minecraft.

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The new Boundless Code of Conduct, suggests against that type of behavior. I would personally suggest to wait for PVP to be implemented in other to satisfy your desire for the thrill of competition.

OP’s post isn’t a waste, if you consider it a “waste” though, I would suggest making another thread discussing PVP and competitiveness, or reply on one of those threads, people there, will be sure to offer a better place for you to discuss on said matter. She was trying to thank the developers for their work with the code of conduct.


Why the completely unnecessary hostility here?

This thread is talking about the Code of Conduct, and creating a positive environment. Sure, a little mention of PvP in reference to how this could change is fine, but if you want to discuss it in depth create a new thread.

Lastly, if anyone feels a burning desire to comment on another users grammar, just don’t. Players here come from all over the globe, English may not be someones first language and that’s awesome; we don’t care about grammar, we care about the message (as you may be able to tell from my grammar…)

Keep it civil, friendly and mature.


I respect your opinion if you disagree but like others have said please take it to another post.

P.S. If you cant read three sentences without getting a headache you may need glasses. Your welcome.


I’m sorry bruv, but you seem like a snob. What’s with the holier then thou attitude with your speech?

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