We're having a world hunt: send us the coolest worlds and biomes!

What is the coolest world or biome you’ve seen in Oort Online? What’s the coolest desert, jungle, cave, mountain you’ve seen?

For bonus points: post co-ordinates, world names and screenshots.


Augh! I would, but that would require me to reveal the location of the guild center of operations! I’ll just say I love Gortnen’s design, only thing is I wish there was less sand.

Just to clarify: we’re talking about landscapes themselves, or structures built on them too?

Both. Mainly the former, but both.

I have made four pictures of a random location at iielo, they were made at the exact same spot except the last one but I’ve forgot to write down the coords .

I just love iielo, while it looks like the generator had a malfunction for some, I think it is very beautyful and unique.

The hollow mountains on Uliap XD

I simply adore vast lakes, lush valleys and high peaks of Cshrime.

Here’s an example screenshot, approximate location -2014, 85, 5.

A couple bonus nighttime screenshots, though my buildings might get in the way:


You could always PM us the location.

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