Were to buy a grapple

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I am looking for a shop that sells heigh tier grapples


My favorite are emerald grapples with max length and extra projectile speed. I get them from Panda’s Anvil, accessible from PURE glass cooridor or gyosha mall (and some other places I don’t remember).


New layden has some. I know Corruption has some too but I’m not sure the stats off the top of my head


Yep Diamond or Emerald, New leydon was last place i bought decent forged ones, cant remember shop name


Moonies at the ultimate hub usually has awesome things at nice prices.


In new Leyden it would likely be original forgeries run by Aenea.


Probably Original Forgeries :slight_smile:


I have some in my storage for sale not sure price probably 8 k or so

Little japan portal hub will take you to my shop
Or gyosha mall eldrid shop will get you there.


What happened to little japan, I used to buy a ton from that Drazzi guy. But most portals are closed lately


I have no idea can’t get ahold of any of them


Slingbow depot now has emerald long range grapples.

Projectile speed
Reel speed.


Defects or quirks? Never.


Emerald long range grapples at Original Forgeries at New Leyden Market, 7999c

No defects, no quirks…