Were to sell shimmering orbs?


I am trying to sell about 100 shimmering orbs. I normally sell to coin converters but the basket is empty. Anyone else buying shimmering orbs?


I buy orbs. You can find my portal in US East hub of Gyosha Ophin and in the shopping Alley of Finata. The name of m’y portal is Quebec


Ark’n’Art’s, Gyosha Mall, 49c ea. 50000c. Suite 81/422.


60 each at Québec, 30 000 budget in the moment


If it’s empty, shout for me, I will buy them right of you!

Incidentally I just added more coin to it :wink:

Oh, and it’s still at 70c each :wink:


OOooh some actual competitive marketing … love it! :slight_smile:


I do a lot of sells to Aenea, most the time one of the top prices unless you find that unicorn basket.


What? I thought mine were!! :slight_smile:

Sadly tho, someone is using one of my baskets as an ash tray, hmpf…



Better stuff that basket full of orbs quickly! Since by the looks of it I can lower my price somewhat!!!


I still know of 1 person buying bitters for 100c, and another shims at 90c.

Them unicorns lol.

But honestly yours is so close to top pay that i usually only check them 2 and then come to you.


Haha ok :slight_smile:

I so wish that tax wasn’t a thing, or at least, that it would go to an actual player…

Also would like it if a warden could change the tax percentage, we would decide where to open a shop based on the taxes too besides other variables!


Would be nice… until someone comes along and prestige bombs an established mall/market for the taxes.


This is true.

Vote system, maybe for top 3-5 guilds per planet.
2%-10% votes.

Higher % would distribute a % of that to each guild as funds.

It would also help bring people together a little more. The social aspect of this game needs a little more push. I love just chatting to shooting the wind. But most just ignore you and run away lol.

We need to create more events.


Lol, sure, woold love to see them try! They need to go above 10 million at the moment, we’re all building and we all have a little something in storage as backup.

But yeah I get you, still, it’s weird we pay tax to no one and weirder that the UI explicitly makes mentions of tax as if it is something that can change per city/planet


It might be something they add in future or it was scrapped along the road. But would also love city to get tax revenue.


I always just assumed taxes were the offset for footfall.