What about seeing the characters hands/arms?

A small and simple suggestion, or is it? I don’t know much about codding and btw its been a while since I have been here on the forums but, wouldn’t it give a new and better feel if you saw your characters arms? I know you guys don’t like comparing this game to minecraft that much but I mean, this is “what if minecraft was amazing?” game, the step further. And why not take the actual step further of having the model representation of each characters arms, or just hands and bit of the arm when digging or in action, in the game?

IMO it would give a better feeling of being involved in the game. I was watching some gameplay of Shake Bake(nice video btw if you see this) and I was feeling that if there was the hand of the character grabbing the hammer and hitting the wall or the Light Cube being shaked(or shook?) by the hand it would give a more magical feeling to the situation at hand, a true feeling of a future/ancient technology where you act/use differently to what we see now.

Well I didn’t find any topic to this, at least not with the smart search when creating a thread. Just a small not new idea to give more impact to the feeling of being involved in the game and even with the technology at hand.


I agree to the light cube. I’d also want to see a hand holding it. Although I don’t really mind with the tools so far.

The devs mentioned before that they don’t plan on having your hands shown in 1st person view. I don’t remember the reasoning, but I do believe it was a permanent decision.


If I remember rightly, I think the reason why it’s not going to happen was something to do with the massive amount of extra work it would take to scale and animate arms for not just the current cat race, but the planned additional ones as well (this would be both male / female variations as well). Additionally, I think they would have to spend a lot of time scaling & positioning all the different wearables, which would be visible on the forearms and hands as well.

It may still be something that they want to add in future, but I would think it would be some time after the release of 1.0


don’t forget how they have to work with the different fields of view


yea but if they add to one item they should add to all of them, no? maybe they only use one hand cus the other item is being used by some kinetic technology, who knows!

yea the way i thought it would be is that it would take a lot of work but not complicated work. it would make sense to put it in 1.0 though, if not, never would make more sense