What advantages should be got through guilds? ... and which not?


I just thought about and also had read the topic about guild suggestions ( https://forum.oortonline.com/t/guild-system-what-do-we-know/295 ) and asked myself …

What advantages and pssiblilties should players get because of guilds and which systems should not be included in Oort?

I for my part think about Guild-own archivements, which are only obtainable through work of all the people (like gaining a biiiiig guildbeacon, have a guild bank filled with shards, have portals to many worlds, …). Such Stuff gives motivation for teamwork and encurages to take part in bigger aims. Also, this archivements may lead to new titles … Titles are allways a good way to get the people to work (I just remember my “god among mortals” of GW1 ;D )

Also, I would like to have the ability to craft skins for items with a guild logo on them. Nothing with better stats or such, only for the look.

But, on the other side …

I dont want to have guild own bonuses on stats (not by consumables, Banners or beacons, nor lower prices for items (last one at least not supported by the system … if a guild smith sells items for members much cheaper, then that’s just normal :wink: )

Guilds also schould not have special mounts or other special tools to get. If there are special items or mounts which are got through an archivement, then it should be something you also can get done alone (even if it may be easier if working together).

Have you some ideas for what should be possible and/or what not?

I think guild bonuses should be mainly what the players create, with a little help from systems. EG: pooled resources, teamwork, protection, etc. I don’t want to see guild membership granting actual status buffs to players, as that would be incredibly unfair for those that just want to be a lone wolf.
A guild should be something that offers conveniences, communication, and collaboration.


You do net get motivation for teamwork with achievements. Noone really cares about them. And there are plenty of achievement hacks out there for lazy people. So who cares about achievements?

Permanent passive bonuses are better for players and guilds. Lets say every Guild starts with level 0. With Level 0 you can have 10 Members. A level 12 guild is max. To gain Level 1 you need a good amount of ingamecash. This requires the max 10 People to play together as hard as they can. With Level 1 you can have about 15 Members. For Level 2 (20 Members) you need to get a special item dropped by a Tier [random number] Titan. This makes a good economy. People who do not need this item can sell it, those who need it can buy it. Lets say the droprate is 1/1000 then the price of the item will remain constant in the first time. For Level 3 you need ingamemoney again (25 Members). Level 4 Titan/Creature again (30 Members). Level 5 - Item and ingame cash (40 Members) and the ability to pvp another guild now. This ensures that no 1man guild is getting attacked by a 200 members guild. Until here you can gain passive skills for your guild. You need the same items which were required for leveling up the guild to level guild skills which are passive player skills. Example: 1% Mining rate, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% … 10% (max).
This ensures that active guilds with teamwork are highly seeked. Also if the bonuses which can be applied (like mining rate) aren’t too high (not 100,200%) and hard to get (Tier [random number] Titan/Creature) People will get addicted to their clan. They will advertise their guild that they have 5% Mining speed or +2% crit rate.
This also makes sure, that people won’t hop from guild to guild like crazy like its in other games. You can see on the guildlevel of each guild how active they are. The next thing is, that if you get a permanent passive bonus for being in a guild/working with your guildmates this will create more teamwork, more loyality and more fun for all in a great guild. For those who join Oort later, the levels and skills are easier to get because they can buy the most items. This also makes sure that everyone can create a successful guild.

Hmm, nice idea, even if it may need some polish :wink: … But to get buffs by the guild would be bad in my eyes. People must not feel that joining a guild is needed to max the own abilities. May be it goes well with vanity items which doesn’t have a bonus, but a nice skin or visual effect for example.

I don’t feel its like “max your own ability by joining a guild”. It’s more like you get a bounty from playing together. The better you work together the better the skills/level/MaxMember. Isn’t that exactly what makes guilds competing each other?

There is a kind of MMO-Players called “Progression” Players/Guilds/Clans. I am not sure if its a good idea to give them nothing [compared to other guilds] for their work. Because thats the reason why they play such games. They want to compete with other guilds. I got your point, but I think they don’t do this for skins.

I am not sure if that expression is ok “but we could meet us in the middle of our both suggestions”.
Lets say those “xyz % faster mining buffs” are only for the guild beaconed area. How do you think about that?
The guildbuffs for +crit (or similiar) only apply if you are with atleast x members of your guild in an area (like a titan).
Then those max out things are only for the guild. To benefit their teamwork over long time.
How do you think about that?

I simply like the conveniences and community that builds when you enter a good guild.
For me, the Ideal guild will provide banking opportunities for their members, storage opportunities for their members, housing options, convenience of travel [obviously using a portal hub], and the ease of being able to team up with other players to go on adventures.
A guild works as a government/counsel that while providing for the players, seeks innovative ways to improve the guild as a whole.

Some downsides to a lot of guilds in other games I’ve seen are simply that you get to join in on special events. While I can see when guild hosted events are closed to the public when put on by the guild itself, I do not want to see anything in the game restricted to those who wish to live secluded lives.

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hmmm, I’m still not happy with the bonus-stuff … the mining-bonus for guild beacon areas may be ok, but the bonus on damage even only if in a guild team and at special circumstances is not good, because guild teams then have a advantage compared to a “normal” team of friends. Guilds may have connected chests, a guild mail system, may be some nice banner at a certain level or the ability to pvp guild-vise (you made a good point by larger guilds just overwealming smaller ones), but please no bonuses on stats or damage/toolwoork.

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A portable guild bank that is shared by all members and can be accessed from anywhere. Add guild master controls to regulate it’s use by members and you’re all set.

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Maybe terminals that can be built on guild land are the access points of the bank.

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Teleporters that can connect between guild hall/city and world entrance points that have been found making travel easy and outposts for guilds possible
This would also most likely create a hall with portals within cities to travel to certain worlds fast

Permanent passive bonusses

Maybe the Ability to make Guild towns and allow them to manage them.
they could provide services to other players like transportation to another town, goods, and other stuff. Maybe have a small tax on things that pumps money threw the town to help request services from other players such as collect certain items, kill dangerous mobs that are near or far, and so on

A big reason to join a guild for me is to have fun people to hang out with like a place to meet new people and do fun stuff together.

a guild shouldn’t give buffs

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I think the teleporting hall will simply be whether or not the guild bothers to build them, but I agree. This is something my guild will be working on as well. But you’re not suggesting that only guilds would get this opportunity, are you?

That would be a good common access point for members who have not yet built the portable version, yes, but I’m suggesting taking it a step further. My suggestion comes from how WoW handled guild banking. Not original, but it’s simple and effective. It’s also an excellent perk that does not act as a buff or OP.

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