What affects farming times?

I have started farming and notice a huge variation of when crops will be ready to harvest. For instance, I will plant rows of rice and I can harvest some rice while other blocks are still small seeds all in the same conditions/ light/blocks nearby…
I thought maybe this was just an interesting quirk of farming however I just planted 12 Combustion Particles which will take OVER A YEAR to grow!!! I cannot imagine anyone is waiting a year. The first kernel I planted said it would take 1 week, 5 days. The second, 2 weeks, 5 days. The last 10 kernels will take: 53 weeks 4 days! I can’t find any environmental difference between kernel 1 and kernel 12.
Welp, after seeing an ENTIRE YEAR difference in growing, I thought that cannot be just a quirk and thought I would reach out to you guys and ask what the crud am I doing wrong?!

I havent done rice in a while. I think it needs to be partially submerged in water to reduce grow times.

Inorganics grow in gleam light, the lighter the shade-the faster it grows. I think it’s white and all cold/crisp/luminous shades but i’ll find the post to verify

These need to be out of daylight… but lit by gleam light.

The complete list for fastest grow times by gleam color


They are growing in a cave, out of light- I have them lit by lava. I thought that would count as a light source but I guess not.
I will go gleam the place up! Thank you for your quick response :slight_smile: I am super happy to get that grow time down.

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oooooo! Thank you for that list, link and super quick response time. I love you guys!

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Yeah, its still a little long compared to organic crops, but I harvest / replant mine every weekend and they are always fully grown.

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It’s RNG. In my limited experience they all harvest faster than the initial claim once they “pick up momentum” or whatever.

Planting on compact soil helps as does tilling and fertilizing.

I just used cool blue refined gleam and have the cooking time down to 3 days 18 hours! So much better! Thank you again!

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Can you fertilize them?

I think growing them on deco gravel makes them go faster too. But I don’t know I don’t do combustion.

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I haven’t played with fertilizer yet. It seems expensive for crops. Someone else will probably know?

Yeah, just to test I harvested and replanted one of mine, and got the same… 3d 18h

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Nah it’s cheap a can lasts a long time. Try it, trust me :blush: it’s only like 500c for the fancy fertilizer in shops.

Rice is an interesting one. It grows MUCH faster when submerged under water… but the harvest amount doubles if you harvest it not submerged in water. So I, and others, have gated water systems that cover the rice with water while its growing but then turn the water off before harvesting.

Not too easy to see, but there is a door up there that I open to let the water flow while rice is growing… then I close the door to block the water for harvesting.

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Now that is fancy! Im going to have to start playing with water spigots :slight_smile:

Welcome to come look at mine as an example… PS Hub Boori, take portal to VB Rocket Shop, then go around behind the building to see the farm area. Rice is all currently fully grown so you can open / close the doors to see what happens.

Do you have a good example for Kindling, too?

I have my layout for it, its probably not perfect though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … its actually on my to-do list to redo both of my inorganic crops. When I made the kindling layout the petrolim was new and pricey / hard to get… but now I have plenty to be able to make the layout more to my liking.

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Would be remiss if I did not bring up this gem from Mayumi again. It is where I got all the info I needed to get going farming when it was new


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