What are you playing to pass the time

What games are you playing/enjoying passing the time these days?

  • Vintage story has been on my list but still cannot find that voxel RPG that truly embraces the RPG side of things.
  • Last Epoch - Enjoying this game for the dungeon crawler experience. Very shallow on story and not really getting into the characters but its all about the loot afterall.
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  • Halo Infinite
  • Master Chief Collection
  • Outer Wilds
  • Warframe
  • The Artful Escape
  • Misc other little games on gamepass

Work and personal life have drained me of voxel inspiration for the time being, or I would have Boundless on the list.

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Started playing Satisfactory a couple of days ago and it has me pretty well hooked.
Didn’t think it would be my type of game after reading about it yonks back but, though still in early access, it has really fleshed out into a great game with an interesting world to explore and build in.
Also, having reached 13k lvl plus in Boundless, probably time for a little time in another game :slight_smile: (will still be popping in just not so much for the mo)

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I’ve been doing

  • Minecraft
  • Elite: Dangerous (horizons obviously, i’m hooked)
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Terraria

they’re all cool, I also read webcomics to pass the time.


No Man’s Sky
Forza H5
Minecraft (once in awhile when there’s an update)
The Planet Crafter Prologue (I’ll probably buy this when it comes out)

I stopped playing New World, Lost Ark and BDO.


The one an only game I have fully stuck with over the years!


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Minecraft - Got it’s hooks into me again. :slight_smile: Love latest update and another big one in works.

No Man’s Sky - I don’t binge on it, but this is one of my steadier games, good for a few exploration/photo sessions a week.

Rune Factory 4 SE - I LOVE this game, a redo of a 3DS game but while you can see the age, it is pure FUN. :smiley: Really looking forward to Rune Factory 5 in March - similar mechanics I’ve read, they kept a lot of that part, but much better graphics. Anyways, charming game with great writing and tons of stuff to do.

Diablo 2 Resurrected - Addictive! :slight_smile: Tough. :flushed: :skull:

Far Cry 6 - I’m not big on the story, I just love exploring this map though, really rewards exploration and is gorgeous, gameplay very fun too. :slight_smile:

Zelda: BotW - Been sitting in my backlog forever, finally getting into it though! But as I mentioned on Twitter today… There is something… I don’t want to say “off” but just different or not quite Zelda franchise feel with this. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Combination of music style, the sci-fi emphasis, the way things are done, but something of the spirit seems missing so far. Like the shrines just don’t have the feel of the old dungeons. Not big on weapon breaking, and exploring early on is TOUGH - I’m sure I’ve died in this already more than I ever had in OoT, for example. That said, all the things you can try and actually work, plus the huge map with so much to find are really great and will keep me busy a long time.

The Outer Worlds - Been off and on with this, though I’m really enjoying it, great easier RPG with tons to steal! :grin:

Not much other than RF5 on the near horizon I’m looking forward to, except Elex 2, also in March.