What are your favorite colors of gleam?

I’m making a bunch of deco gleam to jazz up Legendville mall signs, what colors do people like? Mostly looking at exos. Strong cherry, hot cherry, azure and vivid mods are already on the list.

cold tan!!!

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U must think serp gleam is hot too… haha

Exo gleam

I should report you for this :wink:


Any of the sepias, mustard and light red :brown_heart:

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So funny…

Favorite gleam color is shadow blue.


Yes- great for making marble!


Definitely in my top 3 along with shadow green and probably another shadow color lol

Warm orange is nice.
Exo gleam. Obviously.

Anything cherry/fuchsia/red

Strong blue!
Shadow blue is great too

I’m a fan of Turquoise and Lilac. Various shades - But i like the Deep, dark, shadow and strong variety.

azure gleam

Warm blue is best.

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Silk Cobalt is my favorite color of gleam, though I haven’t used it much in builds, yet.

Azure, white, anything shadow & luminous

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I also love vivids. Vivid moss is very nice

My favorite too :blush:

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