What biome has trees with largeish hanging orbs of gleam?

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I saw this on the planet labeled PYRR in the TNT hub on Circ; I beieve it is called Wright’s Seclusion. The globes are not small shards or scattered, they are several pieces of gleam together and chiseled to a globe-ish shape, with a little bit of chiselled leaf-like thorn shapes cupping the bottom of the globe (maybe the top too, iirc) – I’m in world builder right now fretting over which biomes to pick and I so want those globes :smiley:

I’m picking as few biomes as I can stand or the minimum allowed in hopes of having more black glass lanterns. If I select no mould biomes will there be no mold? I’m hoping for tons of growth.

Also, is coral sea like the large shapes of many cubes of gleam in the waters of Shedu Tier (I think Norkyna too, maybe?)

I’m choosing no rivers and hoping for very big lakes :smiley:

I was on a planet today that as far as I can tell had no mud; I so don’t want to cause that to happen on this world… with any resources

Is elephants graveyard the place with huge long trunks laying on their side? They have lots of wood tht’s so easy to chop.

Last but not least (maybe?) I so want to jam pack the planet with ancient wood that’s thicker than bamboo – like the ancient wood trees on Ceph and Biitula that are large and hollow like a web but have a lot of wood for harvesting; I built my first cafe on Biitula inside the one I have in Caldera

Basically I’m going for resources and if I get this right I’ll build safety domes over stuff for less stressfull gathering :smiley:

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it’s ‘water swamp’ ( level 4) 2x2x2 gleam spheres hanging from trees

coral has blobs of gleam, sponge, and I think, growth under water ( maybe some other stuff as well)

‘sink holes’ (level 5) ( desert biome) has ancient trees that are bigger than the bamboo type, but not as big as the hollow ones


These are in the Basket Trees biome.


Someone asked somewhere about Farm Fields; those can be seen on Biitula, flat grassy areas of different grass types in a vaguely four or five sided not huge field with each field rimmed with hedgerow-like ridges of small trees and plants and such.