What blocks are those?


hey, what blocks are those?


looks like a step between refined and stone?


titan flesh and compact hard coal… and I want it to! :smile_cat:


One of them is Compact Hard Coal from the looks of it.


oh yes could be hard coal


I would like to know what the long grey things are to…


Those are titan flesh. May be place holders…


They grey ones on the floor, or on the wall? @Havok40k


Both. It’s the same block. Different side/top textures


Ohhh lol gotchya


I thought the ones on the floor might be the tops of plinths, would need to log in to place one in the ground to check though.


Just use debug menu, they are medium titan flesh.


Ah ok, never heard of that or seen it in game.


Thread piggybacking time! Are these blink, darkmatter & rift blocks?



Decorative Oortstone on the left, Decorative Darkmatter in the middle, Decorative Blink on the right(Blink is getting a redesign, so it probably won’t look like that when it goes live).


Aha, thank you! I’d been wondering for a while since spotting them in the trailer.


It’d be awesome to have some marble deco blocks, but those look awesome too. Very fitting


I liked the mosaic design, though! :heart_eyes:


Oh, we’ll be keeping the mosaic design and such, they’ll likely just be used for different blocks.


So where in the world can I find Titan flesh, dark matter, and blink at? Are these just previews and not in the game yet?


Yep not in game yet.