What Can We Do Meteorite Ichor Useful?

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I am curious on what the community thinks on repurposing Meteorite Ichor.

I have a suggestion for making a Transmuter that is fueled by Ichor. The Transmuter can have its own coils and turns Wood into Stone, vice versa plus other materials to get a color you want in the material you want. You already have to get the rare color from the Exo in the first place.

Any Suggestions?

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The reason why Meteorite Ichor is useless currently is because Oort Amalgam is less efficient then oortshards. On top of this is also costs extra because of the Meteorite Ichor itself.

If Oort Amalgam was made so that it had the same fuel efficiency as regular oortshards, it would be more used. It would still cost more then regular oortshards because of the cost of Ichor, but now the cost of having portals stay open longer would be tied directly to the cost of Ichor.

As it stands, I don’t know anyone who uses Oort Amalgam on a regular basis over oortshards, and until this change is made I doubt many people will.


You logic is sound. :blush::ok_hand:

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I agree & I’d add that it’s not a consistent fuel supply either. Lucent EXO spawns are random & you’d need to find a hunt group on the right day/time willing to go, to get enough ichor.

Portals are important since they are our main way to travel. A consistent fuel supply (or a “more” dependable fuel supply) seems to be preferred.


I did a hunt recently on a T7 and it was unrewarding.

You get this Meteor Ichor that is so un-useful its beyond words.

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Yep only reason I like t7 hunts is because I like challenge every once in awhile.

But the reward from doing t7 is not that good

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I get several from each lucent exo it seems… just from doing my exploring and finding dormant meteors. I just put it in storage for a rainy day incase I need to do a long portal refuel for a vacation or something.

How about meteor ichor mixed with portal conduits makes it so you can open a portal to a further distance that is currently unavailable. Ichor Conduits?
Also maybe a meteor summoning brew which requires meteor ichor. You drink it and it summons meteors for a certain duration? Such as a Mega Meteor Magnet Brew! This would be a awesome addition for hunters!


I think the real problem too, is that you need 72 ichor for 1 mass craft of 20 amalgam, which would take you probably a full year or longer to gather enough ichor to fuel 1 portal.

72 ichor per 20 amalgam, times how many you need to max a portal.

It’s not realistic at this point, seeing as it’s not readily available to grind out.

I was originally optimistic, but was sad to see the difficulty

Mega Meteor Magnet Brew!!! :crossed_fingers::joy::sweat_smile::kissing_heart:

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