What Can You Do to Maximize Oort Probability During Meteors?

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We go on hunts with groups like Squach, but sometimes the Luck meteor, although maxed, screws you over.

If there aren’t any tips for this then I suggest meteor levels should give you a fixed amount of Oort.

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I suggested that long time ago. Its really painful when you have Luck maxed out and still can get 1 oort stone from a high level meteor.

So something like random factor added on top of guaranteed minimum would be really cool:
lvl 1: min. 1 oort stone + random (1 to whatever) on top of that (so at least 2 guaranteed)
lvl 2: min. 2 oort stones +random (so min. 3 guaranteed)
and so on till
lvl 6: min. 6 oort stones + random (so min. 7 guaranteed)

The way things are, prices of oort are going up, there is not enough oort in the market to provide for portal fuel needs and oort-based deco blocks needs.
I think many people hunt only cause they need oort - but they end up flooded with creature drops and all mine-able resources from the loot box, while oort numbers are often underwhelming.

I would definitely like to see the mine-able loot box drops minimized (or removed) so the meteor reward consists mostly or only of unique drops (oort stone, ichor and that deco plant seed).

Nice. Just woke up lol. But I have a friend who hates hunting cause he gets screwed. I always end up with the highest.

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In my experience It also depends on participation so if your friend isnt specced to hunt or kill and they are just coming along for the ride they dont get very much.

thats with max luck, if i dont participate at all i get like maybe 4 or 5 oort from the large meteors.

That is not true.
@Jaidic and @LordBoogieBlue can attest that even if a character is not doing much, they can still get just as much oort as a player that runs around and shoots at things


Thats my experience with 4 other people all shouting out on discord how much oort they are picking up.

When im the one leading the hunt i get significantly more oort then when im just tagging alone of the big speed hunts.

the randomness is stupid , hunting for oort flat out sucks, its not fun and I would pay a monthly subscription to avoid it, honestly im probably going to get rid of all my portals except one to a hub.

LuckyLotus has different luck with that. If he doesn’t participate he won’t get much.

I really think it’s random and you can’t do much to improve your oort amount.

Well, he might be unlucky… Sometimes I afk during a meteor and still get a very good reward.

Most nights when we do our hunt on Delta we end up with around 300 rough oort for 1.5h of hunting. Sometimes a little less, sometimes more

So the only way to affect how much oort you’re getting from the hunts is to have the larger meteors- also wanna make sure someone has mentioned that the top right of your screen is lying to you when it tells you what you looted- it may say +1 oort but you made more than that- promise.

please please please devs- NEVER make it so that we get 1 oort per difficulty of the meteor- that’d be freaking AWFUL

I see. It would be awful.