What chisel makes a ball shape?

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I have the epic chiseling, but for the life of me I don’t know what chisel would make the block form into a ball shape. Any ideas?

hahaha, just now

there is not sphere/ball in game, no chisel nor other way to make ball

Actually there’s no real ball shape chisel.
What we got:

  • lattice - you can create star like structures, vary thickness depending on how often you use it on the block and remove its branches or change the rotation using other chisels. This allows you to create tiny dots (especially with the bevel chisel rotation)
  • create spheres shaping them yourself with bevel/slope chisels out of 8 (2x2x2) or more blocks (effectively a ball can only easily be recognized when using atleast 27 (3x3x3) blocks)
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This the closest to a ball shape if you bevel chisel it :laughing:


Do you have an example you’re trying to duplicate, or just asking if it’s possible?

It was when I was on a gtg hunt it was a sovereign world I didn’t snag a pic of the cooling structure statue that was all over place got the base of chisel to look like it but the little ball in the center just couldn’t figure out

a picture might help but it was probably chiseled like one of those three possibilities:


Going bigger allows to use slopes or even combine slopes and bevels (one block after another) for smoother gradients.

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Not sure if you mean the very little diamond shape that can be made with lattice chisel and bevel chisel. That may look somewhat round but is very small.

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