What colour should I change my Sov Gleamball (and other bits) to?

As the title says, does anyone have any requests for colours, I will also be selling lots of the gleam for 1.1c so if anyone wants to collect or buy a load of one colour let me know.

I already have a lustrous wood colour choice, but the rest is free for all…


You are also welcome to setup request baskets on the planet for said item…

Went with luminous Tan for the gleam as it seemed no-one else had it set. and a load of other randomness. Any suggestions for 2 weeks time let me know. x x x

How does one get to your planet?

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I can drop buy soon @Samski

Sorry just seen this, if you go to Ultima then head through the Love Land portal, then the :heartpulse:portal. Or we are connected to the TNT gleamhub now.

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Ancient wood - Shadow Mustard or Deep Mustard
Twisted wood - Cool Tan
Igneous rock, anything really deep brownish/tannish.
Sand - Hot Tan
Verdant Grass - Night Fuschia.
Lush Foliage - Night Fuschia or Deep Fuschia or Shadow Mustard

I don’t really need the colors, I’m just advising you for the sake of good taste :fairy:

Anyway, seriously, does anyone know about the luminosity vs. color selection in Gleam.
I had a lot of trouble achieving sufficient light indoors of late. Are there known colors with better luminosity/higher brightness, or greater “throw”? Does luminous gleam color increase lighting?

Cheers :bulb:

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■■■■ good taste…


As long as it still tastes good…


Thank you!!!

Whatt’dya settle on? I have an unnatural attraction to the colors in this game.

A horrific mix of lots of things: https://boundlessinfo.com/worlds/3770/colours

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Other than the mud and Igneous Rock, I think it could work. And, I would say a Deeper red for one of the grasses. But should look pretty cool. You got some nice themes going.

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I think it’s been a year since boundlessinfo-dot-com pages loaded for me :confused: The event calendar stopped back then too but whoever was running it made a version of the page that worked. Is there some sort of complicated frame on the page?

Which region/planet of Ultima has the Love Land portal?

It is in the main area, if you come from TNT, it is the opposite end of ultima. x x

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Boundless info went down for a bit when it updated but has been working fine for me for a long time now.

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yeah it stopped working for me maybe a yearish ago, it’s my mactato probably