What counts as near?

Ok, so this confirms that I’ve done something really stupid.

I’ve spent far too much time putting half-blocks with water on them, and noticing that the near-bonus was really disappointing.

Not stupid, you have to try stuff or you will never know. And you may have spend time you did not need to but you can recover all the resources and use them to expand your fields. The one advantage is nothing is wasted. I know I have redone some fields and at least I did not have to re-gather the resources. All I had to do was pick everything up, set it up again, till the soil and plant.


I just hope someone compiles all of this to make a simple guide to farming, really…

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Come check out our farms, we’ll give you some pointers :wink:

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Just do not show him the super secret farm where we are getting 500% seed and 750% crop yields. .

Don’t I wish


Right now, I’m at work, so I can’t come.
But I’ve visited your place already. Problem is, you can hardly understand things, since you can difficultly see what’s below shallow water irrigation system, or see the % of yields and durations.

I came to ask this same question. Since I’m on Seginiakai, I will have to come find your place. I am assuming that the water has to be on the same plane/level as the crops. Which is why my field above the lake isn’t as productive as I thought it would be from the numbers.

Thanks to everyone for the info. I like this update all around. (Lighting changes, too.)

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Does “Near” also count “Z” axis? If planted on a plane over the “near” bonus blocks, will it count?

Erm… not sure if I’m wording this right… Is farming 3D or 2D?

It does not. It’s “2D” on a horizontal X/Y plane.

That’s exactly what the “max” column in the crop condition data here means. https://boundless.mayumi.fi/farming

The maximum block count for that condition that the crop considers.


Ah, thanks. That helps a lot!