What counts as near?

I’m a little confused about how ‘near’ is counted.

From what I read it’s within 3 blocks, but I can’t quite work it out in live.

Is it 3 blocks in a diagonal? So making a 7x7 grid around the crop on the centre?

That is what I thought but some of my crops don’t max out where I thought I had gained the conditions.

I’ll admit that this is all very puzzling.
Even when I tried to do something right, I got that result :

There’s slabs of ancient corruption withint the lava, and from what I can gather, it’s enough to reduce my Crop yield to 0%!
I get that ancient corruption reduces the yield, but this right here is asinine.

I wonder of the planet’s designation has an effect on farm yields. I’ve only planted on lush planets and had maxed results.

Some of my crops have maxed out crop yield and some don’t.

So the ones I don’t must not have met all the conditions.

The only thing that would change is what is within its ‘near’ boundary, but without knowing what that boundary is specifically, I’m at a loss as to what to change to improve it!

Messed around with it a bit, seems to be like this:

Green is the crop, purple is “near”. It also seems that the block the crop itself is on does not add towards the “near” count.

All of the seed yield bonuses have a very strong negative effect on produce yield, for combustion it’s +5% seed and -40% produce for each ancient corruption block.


While ancient corruption is supposed to increase the seed yield… and it barely gets to 100%…
I mean… Oof!

With corruption it goes to 110% doesn’t it? You can’t really ask for more, having the possibility to get >100% has to come with big sacrifices.

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Well, you have a 10% chance to get back an extra seed, but you get 0 produce? That’s some big sacrifice… o_o

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Anything larger than 100% isn’t meant to be a produce field, it’s an alternative way of getting more seeds without leaving your home. After you have the required seeds to do a full field you can decrease the seed yield and get produce too.


I guess…

Wish there was a way to have the better of both worlds, where you have a small chance to get an extra seed, and 100% of your produce…

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I like this balance actually, it keeps gathering relevant while giving a dedicated farmer the option to stay at the farm. For combustion fraction the viable options are

90% seeds / 160% produce
100% seeds / 80% produce
105% seeds / 40% produce
110% seeds / 0% produce

The skill gives you 20% more produce so 100/100 is achievable. But this is getting a bit off topic.

Pfiffel’s answer here is correct, it’s a 3 block range, can’t move diagonally.

Doesn’t the “near” bonus also gets less effective the further your are from the block which gives it?
I think I’ve noticed that.

No, it’s the same no matter the distance

Ok, so the bonus is additive, then?
Like, green squares are crops, blue squares are water. The crop planted on the left-most block will only get the bonus of 1 block of water, while the right-most green block will get the bonus of 3 blocks of water.
While checking my farm, I’m sure I’ve noticed that in the values on mouse-over.


Yup that’s right.

Well, hope someone compiles some kind of guide of the most optimized farming setups.
Figuring all of this stuff myself will give me a headache, won’t allow me to make something optimized with my favorite style of building, and won’t be any fun for me. :confused:


Just come look at my farms at the Exodus on Seginiakai :wink:

It’s possible for some crops, just not combustion. For wheat, you can get 120% / 110%.

I wanted to go for seeds as well but ended up skipping the corruption altogether and am getting 160% / 90% which isn’t too bad considering the kernels are pretty plentiful on planets. Gotta say, I’m enjoying the building/puzzle aspect paired with more reasons to go spelunking.


Hey @Stretchious I have a doubt, and I thought maybe you’d have the answer. The near-bonus is additive, but is there a cap on it?
Like, does one crop can only take 3 near-bonus of the same type at once or something? Like, earthyam crop can only benefit from a maximum of 3 blocks of nearby water?
Otherwise, I’m afraid of the size my farm would take. I’d have more water with other ‘neat-bonus’ things that actual crops.

There is a cap yes. It maxes out at different quantities per crop type.