What do you consider a T6 vs a T7 hammer?

Just another day forging. I like to check other shops and see the quality, and price that other forgers put on their goods, and Ive always wondered…

What do you consider a T6 hammer?
What do you consider a T7 hammer?
Does it have to be Lucent to be T7?
Does a Diamond hammer with -30 damage make it to T6 status?
Do you even care about what it’s called?

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T6 hammer (or any tool) is a tool that 1-shots their intended blocks on a T6 planet (with the right talents of course). Same for T7 :slight_smile:
You can also have a T7 hammer “with brew” meaning it will one-shot T7 rocks with a strength brew.

I care what they are called because it gives me an indication of what the tool can be used for :slight_smile:


What is the specific damage required to 1 shot a T6 and T7 rock?

Also, Is max character skills assumed?
Can a Diamond Hammer with Max damage 1 shot T7? I guess with a brew it can…

Yes :slight_smile:

Not sure about the actual damage numbers. I know that in-game there’s a few places that have those as information-boards though. I’m pretty sure sydney has it in their forge.

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Without brew, i don’t think any of the gem-hammers can 1-shot T7 rocks. With strength brew it’s a different story :slight_smile:

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What the minimal damage you look for as a hammer stat for a T6?


This’ll answer most of your number questions :slight_smile:


Diamond wise for forge stat is the +20 in the damage that 1 shot a t6 if remember right. But that same stat with a strength brew will one shot a t7. We (us in the dome) us sapphire because they have extra speed already in them and use a strength brew to 1 shot t6 and t7 planets


Diamond hammer with AoE, Damage and added Durability, along with a fast brew for tier 6

Sapphire hammer with AoE, Damage and added action speed, along with a strength 4 brew, for tier 7

Both hammers are basically just as fast as eachover, the only difference is sapphire dosent last as long (but is still better then using diamond for tier 7)

Idealy if you want the most efficient mining run then you should never use diamond hammers on tier 7 worlds, since sapphire with strength brew can still one shot, but also has higher base speed and durability


In your forge guide you recommend ruby hammers, not sapphire and I can’t see how sapphire would be able to one shot T7 without a strength 5 brew.

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My bad, ment ruby not sapphire

I find sapphire is cheaper then ruby (or diamonds), but it also needs strength 5, which is obviously more expensive then strength 4, so it depends


I prefer sapphire hammers and a strength brew sense sapphire/topaz are so much easier to get and more common


A diamond hammer with dmg 5/10 with a mega strength brew can already 1 shot T7…

I sell those as T7 with mega strength brew, it also allows me to go further on the speed and dura boons.

Tho I admit that at times when I sadly can’t get a hammer to T6 lvl I also can throw it in the T7 with brew pile and then it might not be max speed or max dura (and shhht, with -30 dmg I throw half of the hammers in the T5 stand and the other half in the T7 with brew, yes, the T7 ones are 1k more expensive, shhhht!)

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For T7 I soooo prefer sapphire hammers with dmg 9/10 and speed 9/10 and a mega fast brew. It gets you really close to the max swing speed (there’s a cap) and makes mining sooooo easy.

Actually I’ve started to use speedy hammers on all planets for ages now, but in the last few months I also use topaz on lower levels for instance. I love speed!!

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Diamonds can use strength 1 ^^

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If only they would fix the bug that you can’t get Topaz to 200% (I don’t care, in my book it’s a bug, because we were able to reach 200%).

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With dmg lvl 9/10 yes but I rather put those boon points in speed or dura…


Sapphire is 197%… I do miss the mixing of gem types tho, not even so much with hammers (tho it would help with topaz!) but mostly with slingsbows…

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But if we’re already going budget with str 1, speed and dura are luxuries you don’t have :smiley:


T7 Rift hammer. T6 diamond