What do you do when RNGesus isn't helping?

Just curious what people do when the great forging gods refuse to give you what you want?

Do you go away after a few rounds and come back later, throw something at the screen, just build whatever comes up?

Me? I tend to see what I can make and then store the tool to never be seen or heard from again :joy:

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Exit the machine. Run in circles about 10 times then try again.


Im not a big forger at all, but back when i used that devilmachine, i used to sacrifice myself to appease the rng overlords in their domain in the clouds. Worked like a charm most of the time.

These days, im more of a miner, and i still use the good ol’ sacrifice, when i hit an umbrisless wall deep in the bowels of an exo world. Does it still work? Not at all, but it just still seems… right. :smiley:

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I go RR hunting… because that is what I do. :nerd_face:


I think of it as using up the bad luck and just pray harder on the next round :smiley:

How many times have I thought “Surely I’ll get devastating damage this time…” then no.

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You can run, but there is no hiding, speedchicken. :smiling_imp:

I just made a “materials needed” shopping list and RR feathers are at the top of that. So if you ever want to part with some :slight_smile:

“9th time is the charm, *glow*… alright, 10th time is the charm”


Misery loves company. I’m actually really glad it isn’t just me!

I go make another SS worth of Decon 3…


Using the right gums? Sometimes the trick is just adding one more gum to boost the odds in your favor. Also deconstruct resin and boon transmute solvent will become your best friends!

I never do more than 2 gums, is there better odds doing more than that? I do deconstruct quite a bit but after a few tries I just want to make something.

As for BTS, maybe I’ll play with that. My deck is full because I always have Defect Reversal 2 but worth trying a different approach for sure. Thanks!

I made enough forges to move around. Though it means unloading and hauling your whole deck usually.

If it’s still bad I just quit and come back later.

I’d scratch the defect reversal one for most forging. I usually have a corrupt compound solely for getting the boon I want, then I hit it with a vigor catalyst 2, push new gums in for another boon and repeat the process till I get the 3> boons that I want. Then I kinda play between corrupt and pure compounds to level them up

Fate paste and protection paste

I’m not an expert forger and I don’t mind a quirk or defect depending on what it is. Some quirks are awesome lol

Quit for the day

I visualise the gum weights like this:

When you hit the boon bar and push boon points to a boon, the boon is selected from a deck of cards (boons). By default the deck has 1 card for each boon it’s possible to get at that moment*. A single active gum adds 10 extra cards for the boons it targets, so a single effect gums adds 10 cards for damage, and 10 cards for crit effect. Three active effect gums would add 30 cards to both boons.

Then a single card is drawn and the points go to that boon.

*If the 3 slots are already full, the only possible boons are those 3 boons, but gums still effect the weights of them.

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