What do you do when RNGesus isn't helping?

I’d scratch the defect reversal one for most forging. I usually have a corrupt compound solely for getting the boon I want, then I hit it with a vigor catalyst 2, push new gums in for another boon and repeat the process till I get the 3> boons that I want. Then I kinda play between corrupt and pure compounds to level them up

Fate paste and protection paste

I’m not an expert forger and I don’t mind a quirk or defect depending on what it is. Some quirks are awesome lol

Quit for the day

I visualise the gum weights like this:

When you hit the boon bar and push boon points to a boon, the boon is selected from a deck of cards (boons). By default the deck has 1 card for each boon it’s possible to get at that moment*. A single active gum adds 10 extra cards for the boons it targets, so a single effect gums adds 10 cards for damage, and 10 cards for crit effect. Three active effect gums would add 30 cards to both boons.

Then a single card is drawn and the points go to that boon.

*If the 3 slots are already full, the only possible boons are those 3 boons, but gums still effect the weights of them.

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Very helpful. I’m a visual person and this makes sense! Thanks.

Yep, Vansten’s guide is like a bible for me. Though I do think it needs a section for “Dealing with forge frustration” On PS4 like me that answer is of course throw controller.


Outside of forging, sometimes I’ll have meteors fall right on me as I’m mining or gathering resources on an exo with regen bombs. You can’t use those next to a meteor, so I just purposefully go over and get myself killed so I can use my regen bombs again.

One time, I had about 4 fall right next to me all back to back from each other. It was about 20 minutes non-stop of not being able to regen an area I was farming. That was definitely the RNGesus gods frowning down upon me…

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Are you pc or PS4?

I’m on PS4

My forging alt on PS4 is called HotForger, when I get super frustrated, I drop all forging mats in a closed storage nearby and start the game on PC where ColdForger takes over…

Surprisingly enough that usually seems to work! :smiley:


When it happens, I fully embrace RNJesus and forge with no gum, got aoe and dmg and spd doing that, after 2 rough forges yesterday, added a few gums when i got scared the hammer would end 1x2


Okay for PS4.
I’d suggest tipping over your tv in a fit of rage. Incase you have a wall mount. It’s going to take a little more effort to tear that mother off the wall. Then screaming “I hate cursive and I hate all of you! F this I’m done.” Or other phrase of choice.
Followed by a time out of sorts because you’ll need to purchase a new TV or connect another tv and clean up a small mess.
Hope this helps. And hit me up for more Boundless life Hacks.


So what I’m getting is that in order to forge more effectively I need a gaming PC with my PS4. Problem solved.


Next bad run on the forge I’ll do just this. I see no reason why it won’t work perfectly! :rofl:

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Forge fails made me want to throw my controller. So I stopped forging a year ago. I still have a coiled centraforge and some mats but I haven’t forged since 2018.

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Just remember that once you switch to a PC, you’ll need to keep several keyboards on hand for when you break them over your knee after a good ol’ forge session…

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  1. I’ll get annoyed and then go buy a tool
  2. Build something
  3. Try to forge again
  4. Rinse and repeat.

I just ragequit the game and go browse forums, like i did now ^^