What do YOU think Boundless needs to regain more players?

Lots of things that I’ll put in the Xmas wishlist thread but mostly:

  1. standard $19.99 price. Game is a year old. They could put in a paywall that it’s another 19.99 to unlock alts and skill pages.
  2. if your beacon expires, your storage gets saved. Not your build or your deployed blocks, but any coin in beacons and stands, items on shop stands and items in storage blocks/chests/barrels should get saved

More for hunters/fighters. I honestly play this game to hunt. It is feeling quite dated lately. Ground or Platform hunting, it’s all ends in the same Meteors, the same mobs and the same drops. Oh and them seeds…those damn seeds!



  • prestige bound. For every level of settlement more free roaming npc’s (don’t need to be interactive).
  • random quest npc. “Bring me 5 iron and ill give you X as reward”.

Artifacts to display or to wear.

Dungeons randomly generated.

Random treasure or structures that can be looted/teared down.

Maybe give us the ability to make quests/dungeons. Let us make a golum or oortian from rock, timber or leafs that speaks to you in chat and gives a quest.

Just some things that might help.


The game is fine. Expectations are the problem - people don’t really know what to expect… the Official trailer is about as relevant as the original No Man’s Sky trailer, and the question, “What is Boundless?” is difficult to answer. Suppose you wanted a friend to get into Boundless, what would you say?

And you really don’t want to tap the Asian market on this one… you think plot wars are bad now, Asians take competitiveness to a whole new level. Not to mention with the language barrier - someone will most definitely plot every empty store slot in your mall or town just because it’s there.

So in a nutshell, we all know what Boundless is because we’ve lived it - how do we convey what Boundless is to everyone else? And also there are players, and then there are warm bodies sitting at a key board… we do not want the latter. The game is a masterpiece - it just hasn’t yet become common in the main stream.

My suggestions are private worlds and bring back bomb mining as a much needed fun injection, but to each their own.


price is definetely steep. TOO TOO STEEP!


Aren’t these just the exo worlds though? No building, just exploring and gathering

I definitely agree more varied wildlife would be good though


Would absolutely love this! Especially on the exo worlds, we see some oort-made looking stuff already. Would love to see remnants of an old civilisation


We would have like 30 new planets each week to explore if building and harvesting planets were separated is what I mean.

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Wow thats a lot of weekly planets! It makes me sad I don’t always have time to go to all the exos we get now, so I don’t know if I’d be up for 30 per week!
But I see what you mean! Maybe there could be mini planets? Or moons as someone suggested before. Lots of little places to explore


This. Absolutely this. It is gut-wrenching to not be able to get back to the game for whatever reason and lose everything. Life gets a hold of them, illness, crisis, and many other reasons can prevent players from keeping track of things on boundless. For many people, it’s so easy to lose motivation when they have to start all over again.


In my opinion: it lacks a little more background to put us in the shoes of an Ortian and actually a planet dedicated to new (-lvl20) to start a tutorial. Can be in a city already implanted by the developers with an environment acccible to farmer and creatures harmless to hunt. Then from level 20 reached after a series of quest, the player can choose where to actually start his adventure (shrine with intergalactic map). There the old players to welcome them as it should. Ditto for the forum, make a space to make it less impressive. ^^

In short, a kind of incubator for noobs …:hatching_chick::baby_chick::hatched_chick:

There is indeed a big problem of tutorial that can discourage and a fairly cold and concervatory welcome of the oldest. Personally I gave up this game for a year due to a lot of frustration. There I was able to start right again because I found a careful guild(FRANCOFUN). Recently in my turn I welcomed a nice guy in my village who had also abandoned for the same reasons. I take care of him with patience and almost with tenderness not to be disgusted again. It’s a shame because Boundless is amazing!


Approach a broader market, make a chinese translation, brazilian etc.
And get a decent tutorial lol, new players already fail on figuring out on how to use an atlas.

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I agree, although lore content could also be added to the game to enhance exploration. The underground caves are empty, the seas are empty, there are many wasted spaces. You could add content related to archeology, to unlock or learn the Oortians story. That is, content to not stand, you might need to pass some kind of mini-game (some game mechanics) to unlock the information of that archaeological ruin, it could even drop some objects that are unique that would also give life to the market, because an player who is stuck in this part of the game, while exploring a planet looking for resources, could find himself with a surprise (has some randomness), he could also get items that would sell very well for being unique objects. For me this game has routine in much of its content, and there is no content that will take you out of the routine from time to time and bring you surprises. We have a very large world with many planets, but they are very empty worlds, few types of creatures and lore. You could add non-violent creatures that give benefits of any kind, for example, some sea creature that when found in the sea and interact with it gives you a benefit of swimming faster.


This would be neat. Like a swim faster buff if doortlphins are in range

From a political point of view anyway wonderstruck would be obliged to create exclusive servers for the Chinese. Minecraft is a recent example. And they will never be mixed with others. I do not need to explain the reasons.


Oh god I didn’t even think of that part.

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Lol who is Laon Li? I knew enough to know that was Korean to google translate it

Nice idea the archeological part with the past of the Ortian :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh no one special. Let’s not off topic this thread anymore lol.

edit: deleted off topic comments about a korean youtuber

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Putting out a plate of cookies would help, I bet.
And maybe some improvements to server stability/disconnects.

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